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  1. starlight2006

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    Someone said my life is perfect. Its not. Everyday I hate me a little more. Im not ever gona find the 'one'. Im gona be alone and i guess i shud jus accept that, but i cant. They all have someone, well nearly, but i dont.

    And on top of that I have a twat of a brother. Going on about how he has problems and stuff of his own to deal with, but he cant be bothered to go and see my mum or even talk to her when she only lives 5 minutes from him. She is really illl at the moment and going into hospital for an opp soon. He should care more.

    I live over 3 hours away, but im going home for nearly 2 weeks to look after her while he can even be fucking bothered to ring her. He is angry all the time, most likely to do with his drug abuse. Cannbis and cocaine, who knows what else. Why does he have to be so damn selfish?

    Why is it on me all the fucking time? some perfect life huh?

    And then there is all the fucking shit with my dad. Cant think of him without something inside of me hurting.

    I just fucking give up. Not suicidal, but doubt anyone would miss me that much. Yeah maybe my family, no one else tho.

    Ive jus had enough. all i do is battle on through life but nothing ever gives.
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    im really sorry things aren't going well for you atm - but things can get better.

    Nobody's life can or will ever be perfect - whoever told you that is wrong - try not to listen to them.

    i hope your mum gets better soon - im sure everything will go well. i know how hard it is but you can get through it - try and be strong for her but make sure u give urself time too.

    Try and look after yourself hun

    Love clare xxx
  3. starlight2006

    starlight2006 Well-Known Member

    I dont listen to them, jus wish they knew they were wrong
  4. starlight2006

    starlight2006 Well-Known Member

    and now im gona fucking scream. Ive let my housemate down twice now about joining a badminton club. And now im gona do it for the third time. She is new to our house and i get on with her well, but oz i dont know her well dont know how to tell her that i cant go tomorrow coz i gota go to a seminar, which i have to do for my dissertation. I know that when i tell her she is jus gona think im putting it off and be disappointed and pissed at me. I give up.
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    :hug: sorry things are bad for you honey, im here if you need to chat .. ♥
  6. starlight2006

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    im jus ranting really. The one person i want to talk to has gone out. And altho we are really close I still find it hard to open up to her. Jus got so much in me that im blocking. And on top of it all im not well either. arrghhh
  7. savetoniqht

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    =[ i'm sorry things suck right now. :hug: i know how annoying it is having everyone thinking your life is absolutely perfect.. it drives me crazy too. =[