1. Sf is crap. It is so stupid that posts cannot be deleted. I am sick of everyone fucking me around. One mod says one things and another one says something else. Well fuck that. I want 2b washed clean. All I wanted was a place to go and vent. Now I cannot even do that. I am selfish. I wanted to kill myself last night and after talking with a friend today I realised I never once thought about who it would affect, I just wanted to die, and I forgot the world. I layed with the gun, I looked down the barrel, and thought how easy it would be to end everything. Why didn't I just do it right there and then, why am i so weak?!?!?!??
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    I understand the frustration with inconsistencies. When rules are applied differently or suddenly changed or even worse you aren't sure what the rules are. Not saying all of that applies here but sometimes when things aren't clear cut it can add to your depression & frustration. I understand certain rules like not threatening or harassing others but even that isn't always enforced the same. I don't know who you are or what happened but if you can you can PM me anytime. :hug:

    I do know when we are depressed we can say things we don't mean. That might upset others and thats a time when the staff might edit something if it goes against the rules but then that's not always the same for every situation either. I feel everyone should have to follow the same rules and have the same treatment.
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