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  1. BlackPegasus

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    :rant: I am so tired of caring only to be knocked down!!!!!!!!!! I try and I try and I sacrifice my own well being to help others only to be treated like I don't exist. It's not like I'm cared about for real in this world and when I think someone cares they turn on me or hurt me..everyone lets me down and it's hard to believe that it won't happen this time as well. I just want to scream sometimes because it hurts so damn bad to always be considered the bad guy. The unwanted one!!!! The one who can't be trusted and shouldn't be liked. Break my heart you bastards!!!!!!! All of you!!!!!!!!!! Go ahead and tell me how bad it should hurt!! Just let me bleed in peace. Suffer in pain in peace. Die in peace!!!!!! :argh: Just had to let that out!!
  2. Lead Savior

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    Sometimes you ask yourself why you continue putting yourself out there when you fully expect to get knocked down. I can't say it is worth it, but every now and again someone comes into your life and the relationship you forge with them is rewarding enough.
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    I know it's not much, but if you want to talk, I'm around.

    Big hugs for you :hug: :hug: :arms: