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    Okay, so I stayed with one of my close friends for a week as a test run for me moving in with her to sort out both of our housing issues.

    She turned around to be today and stated that she didn’t believe I was trans*, she thinks I am too feminine to be a man. She thinks that this is all some major side effect of another mental illness, and suggested that I may have borderline personality disorder.

    I’m like what the fuck, I know what I want and who I am. She was so supportive when I came out as trans* and is now throwing it all back in my face.

    This has made me really pissed off and is making me want to prove myself to her, which I know I don’t need to do, the only persons opinion that matters is mine but I’m finding it so fucking hard to get her words out of my mind.

    Her telling me all of this has made my dysphoria so bad it’s unreal. she has even resorted to using female pronouns again it’s all she and her; she was calling me Samuel but is now just calling me Sam as a way of proving that she isn’t accepting me anymore.

    Who knew a few words could effect a person so bad.
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    I believe you are who you are.

    Your dysphoria is real. It's not fair that she is being caring one minute and the exact reverse.

    Are you sure that you want to move in?
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    Moving in has gone out of the window, the 8 days I spent with her were a foooking nightmare. I was feeling dysphoric as hell and she was being a mare about my gender.

    She also trashed the house in a rage over a bloke who she isnt even dating, they just have a benefited friendship, he didnt show up so she went mad. I was so fooking scared it was unreal. I thought she was gonna throw stuff at me, not just the walls and out the windows.
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    Woah! It's better that you don't move in with a person like that. It's better to get your own place anyway. Save up for that.