Ranting again.

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  1. Zueri

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    Me again...ranting...I can't seem to stop...


    Apparently, it's my destiny to be a failure. I've missed so much school recently that my attendance falls below 40%. My grades have also tumbled a few percentage points...Not bad, but my dad is going to behead me over it.

    I also seem to be suffering from an inability to kill myself...Nine failed attempts in one week sends one clear message: I'm a failure. I'm a failure at living, and I'm a failure at dying. Why, oh why, was I born?

    Also...to add to my bad mood...

    The legal issues I had in Europe are all tied up...HOWEVER, the property the cases were meant to settle have depreciated in value since... :bash:
    I needed that f-ing money...

    My dad also clearly thinks my time is worth nothing. He thinks its perfectly alright to drag me across the state simply to "keep him company." I swear, I'm like a doll or something...when he needs me, he suddenly takes interest in me, and if not...well...I'm just there...in the cabinet...in the dark... :dry:

    And, my college application got accepted... :cheer: , right?
    WRONG! I'm placed under probation for the summer semester and the number of classes I can take is limited to three because my age is "questionable." Academic probation I can handle...but why the hell do they need to monitor my social habits? I'm schizoid, for fuck's sake...OBVIOUSLY I'm not going to deal with people normally. :dry:
    I hate my age...
    My top choice won't even look at my application because of my age... :mad: It's just a damn number...Why the hell must it influence so much?!

    I hate my life...
    I really do...
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  2. ~CazzaAngel~

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    Sorry you feel badly.. If you ever need to talk my PM box is always open and you're welcome to add me to MSN. :hug:

    Take care
  3. Sa Palomera

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    that sucks to say the least, Eva :sad:

    Urgh, if there ever is anything I can do for you, please let me know hun. ANd you know you can always message me by PM in chat or msn :hug:


    ps I'm glad you are still alive, I know.. I'm selfish, but I really am happy you're still here.