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  1. OMG. I am SO mad at my Mom she is trating me like a whore because I started to get famous (band). She fucking hates me, just because I have more of a life than she ever did. She had me at 14. And dropped out. I still live with her AND her parents OMFG. I am SO fucking hurt. She's never at my concerts. I found my dad (good) but he turned his back on me (bad) he too hates celebrities. I wish I hadn't gotten famous. It was a fucking mistake now I cut and sometimes feel suicidal. Fuck trying to hold my life together my mom is old enough to be my big sister and my dad not much older. I have no friends outside the band. I am over stressed and unhappy all the time. GHA!!!!!
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    Sounds like your mom might be a bit jealous, maybe? :dunno: And it does sound like your stress is coming from your family, and the band. Maybe try taking a break from the band for a bit? See how your life works from there? :hug: Feel free to PM me if you ever need to talk.
  3. Things are so fucking hard. I can barely keep up with school. The teachers found my suicide note. Now I have to see a counselor. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR A COUNSELOR!!!!
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    Again, possibly taking a break from the band might help you? And, seeing the counselor sounds like a good idea..
  5. We are on tour right now. I am not going to cut it off just to please my teacher.
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    What band are you in, if you don't mind my asking?

    Maybe you should consider getting help after the tour ends then?
  7. Diary Of The Dead. Wear are on myspace. Diary Of The Dead we don't have music up yet