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    For some reason - I have lately become extremely withdrawn, easily agitated, and kinda like just the opposite of what I would ideally like to be.

    I get picky over my preference of name - and find it very irrational to get drawn into a debate, but it feels like my choice isn't respected. I'm human - I have emotions, and right now i'm kinda volatile.

    I've been snappy at my housemates. I've not been paid (apr 30th was meant to be that date), but that and the subsequent two days I've been asked about rent. Give me a fighting chance to TRY and sort my issues out? Rather than worry about stupid rent money that .. I pay a month ahead usually so a minor hiccup isn't allowed? Forgive me - Sub-letting a property that isn't yours.. isn't that considered illegal? - so ya know - I'm kinda livid at THREE reminders in as many days.

    I try to get sleep after 24+ hours awake - gets disturbed 2 hours later and I'm up all night again. I can't face telling the doc i'm having sleeping issues in as much as - I don't want to sleep so I force myself awake at all times of day and night.

    Put this all together with my handling of my depression, I'm perhaps in a better way than some. But it doesn't mean I should have to be "mr joker" all the time. It's drained me - a fair bit more than i've let on. If I consider it long enough and hard enough, maybe I need a break from this place. That doesn't necessitate that I will take one, there's a lot going on in my mind right now. This is .. as some would say.. the tip of an iceberg... that might be slowly melting.
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    I'm not sure why you don't feel comfortable discussing your sleep issues: insomnia? with your doctor! It is quite a common phenomenon, and quite truthfully, going to be a major obstacle in getting on the way to feeling better and improving your health. I don't intend to lecture--simply want to stress my point, as I've learned all of these things myself (even while knowing full well the dangers & risks) first hand...the hard way!!