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ok im dealing with a lot of stuff and i just need to rant it all out. this might not make sense because its all just going to run together so if you dont get it i understand.

here goes:

i feel so alone cause i lost so many friends because these girls spread tons of rumors about me and people were harrassing me and i had to leave my school and i finally got a new bf who i went out with for over 6 months and we fell in love and i was never in love before and he saved me from killing myself then he did drugs and i broke up with him because of it and now he is hurt and he is being mean now and im hurting so much that i want to die and ive been suicidal since 7th grade and im in 9th grade and i stay up till 3 every night cuz i cant sleep cuz i am crying and cutting myself and im anorexic and im super short and i have low self esteem and i cant deal with life anymore and my parents are super worried and i hate hurting them and im so stressed and upset and i have no one to comfort me and im so scared and i really want to kill myself but im too scared and i signed a contract that if i am going to kill myself that i have to tell my mom or call 911 and i wish i hadnt signed it cuz i really want to die and im so depressed all the time and im sick of life and this pain is so deep that i cant even explain it and im so lost and confused and i am hurting so much because of my ex bf and so many people hate me and i only have a few friends who are starting to push me away and im so hurt and my therapy isnt working and i just needed to rant this all out...


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Oohhh Hun :hug:

If your therapy isnt working perhaps you should look into seeing someone else? not all therapists fit with each person..
Im sorry to hear about your "friends", keep going, hold on, and perhaps talk to your ex more about what happened, maybe its something you could fix together?

Take care, Ally _%
i like my therapist but she isnt helping. she is my third one. i cant ever talk to him again. he told me to leave him the fuck alone. he hates me. a lot. he told me he only went out with me and that he loved me so that i wouldnt kill myself and blame it on him. he also told me im crazy and that i should go to the hospital and that ill end up with a feeding tube cuz im a crazy anorexic. thank you for all the advice. ill look into getting another doctor.
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