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    I'm so confused now a days. It's not because of anyone else around me, it's just me. I'm so worried of what is to come in the future. I'm worried about ruining a relationship that i'm trying so hard to keep. I told her that i would be there for her, i told her that i would listen to everything she had to say and what am i doing? DICK ALL!!!!!!!!! I'm not worth anyone's time. I don't want to lose her, but what do i do? I want to go there and be with her, but there's so much involved. Selling all my belongings, moving to a place that i don't know how to speak the language, i really need to just stop and think. Scares me to think though, scares me to think of all the possibilities, the downfalls, the ups, everything. :dry: I don't want to have to make this even more difficult then it has to be, but there's definitely something wrong. I know what it is too, it's me, it's all my fault. I want to take her out, i want to treat her like she should be treated and I CAN'T!!!!!! Honestly, you guys have no idea how much this is killing me, it's so unbearable. My heart is dieing every single day that i can't be with her. It's just not fair
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    Sorry for such a late reply hun. In regards to your relationship you just have to have faith that it will work. I know the distance is such a hard thing to overcome but the mere fact that you are trying shows that you care about her. I know that you want to be there for her 100%, 24/7 but sometimes that's just not possible. You need to worry about you too and I'm sure she will understand that and try to be there for you. It's a two way street hun, not everyone can be strong all the time. Everyone falters and that's when the true strength of love and support comes into play. Have strength and have faith that it will work.

    I am here if you need to talk. Many many :hug: to you