Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by qwerty098, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. qwerty098

    qwerty098 Active Member

    was it rape ??

    i no a lot of ppl were asking this question but i want to know about me.

    my boy mate who i went out with when i was 7 or 8 invited me over to his i thought no probs mayb he wants a catch up... he wanted to get into my pants...

    i pushed him off but he held me down... and made me do ... things....

    he wouldnt leave me alone

    he still harasses me touches me up :'(
  2. PontyCruizer

    PontyCruizer Well-Known Member

    seems that way hun - sorry :(

    maybe try and avoid him?
    mayb tell the police?

    how old are you if youdont mind me askin
  3. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    how old you are will help us know where to refer you to for help or assistance hun....

    :hug: there is help.... out there

    granny xx
  4. qwerty098

    qwerty098 Active Member

    hey soz i havent been able to et online so i didnt reply

    im 17 .. but ... i was bearly 16 when it happened

    the boy is a year younger
  5. qwerty098

    qwerty098 Active Member

    he lives opposite me
    i dont have the guts to tell anyone
  6. -Sunset-

    -Sunset- Well-Known Member

    I know this probably isnt what you want to hear, but over here in UK I know the law wont do anything to minors regarding rape. There once was a case where a 10 yr old or around that age raped another girl of the same age, apparently they just sent him for treatment to find out why he done it.

    Another thing, at 7 or 8, I definitely wasnt sexually active, so it puzzles me as to how he could even get it up at that age, unless he was older.
  7. incombustible2000

    incombustible2000 Well-Known Member

    wow, sounds pretty awful sorry u have to go through this, guys change sometimes and let there hormones take over... and dont think about the results of there actions
  8. PontyCruizer

    PontyCruizer Well-Known Member

    think he was 15 when he asked qwerty for a catch up when he did what he did

    i would tell someone if he lives so close and persists in gropein you - the reason he still does it imo, is that you havent told anyone, so he thinks he can get away with it.
    he will continue to do it untill one of you moves away and cos he raped once (sorry hun but he raped you) and got away with it he will think cos he got away with it once, he will the next time - guys like that will not stop at once if they got away with it
  9. -Sunset-

    -Sunset- Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, I read it wrong, I thought it happened when she was 7 or 8.
  10. famous.last.words

    famous.last.words Forum Buddy

    do you have anyone you could confide in about this?

    i know its really hard, but you need to try and be strong now, and make sure he doesnt have the chance to hurt anyone else.
  11. sudut

    sudut Well-Known Member

    My advice is forgive him, but don't hang around him again. pray for him.
  12. Emo_kitty

    Emo_kitty Account Closed

    why should she forgive him ? we will never forgive our abusers

    this wasnt your fault but please try to aviod him
    we are so sorr y that you have b een thought this

  13. Snooze

    Snooze Well-Known Member

    sorry but, sometimes i think people take religion too far. there are situations where you shouldnt ever turn the other cheek.

    if i knew the guy he'd be in hospital or worse right now.
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