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Rapid Cycling

Do you rapid cycle? How do you keep sane? My mind has been jerking me around from panic, terrifying fear, fragile shakiness, deep sadness and depression, moments of calm, and once in awhile feelings of hypomania. I've been in treatment 30 years. Doctor has tweaked meds. I'm in therapy. I am bipolar 1 and anxiety disorder that borders on panic. Each moment of calm is accompanied by dread that I will be attacked by another symptom at any moment. I go for walks, color, have a dog, I just want a chance at life and not be mentally beaten down and reach my breaking point. Thank you (((all)))


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that sounds like an awful lot to live with. all i can say is keep working with your doctors to get better. i really hope they can find a way to make you feel better, at least a little better. please take care of yourself, people do care about you...mike....*hug*shake
If you cycle from moment to moment that's the fastest I've ever heard of anyone cycling before.

Particularly if conventional treatments are not working, I always recommend looking into acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. I can say more about that if you're interested.

Other than that, maybe there are some experimental drug trials that you would qualify for.

I hope something can help

Sending hugs

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