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Rapists Deserve Torture/death/hell And More. *Warning - triggering*

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by CellarDoor, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. CellarDoor

    CellarDoor Guest

    We need a group of scientists that can find the best methods of torture where the pain is maximized.
    We need to figure out how long we wanna keep them alive before we finish them off and send them to Hell.
    The pain of Hell is literally INFINITELY worse than anything you can ever possibly experience on Earth.
    Most can't avoid it, and they won't be able to escape it.

    Those in Hell will only look forward for an eternity of endless pain.

    Many people are deserving of this, and these same people will deny the even existence of Hell.
    Those in Hell for the most part have denied the existence of Hell, and right and wrong.
    We the good ones see why they deserve it.

    I never really thought that much about rape before. I was always revolted like everyone else that they'd get little time in jail, and that was it. When someone told me that he supported the death penalty for murder and rape, I didn't get it. I thought death for rape was unfair. I thought that the victims could get over it, somehow, more or less easily, and forget it, and that rapists should get like 50 years to life.

    Boy was I wrong. I was ignorant, like most people. I never got it. I didn't know about the Hell the victims of rape lived in.
    I am not gonna describe this Hell in full details, but basically they're hurting in all ways possible. You can't comprehend this, either 'cause you're stupid or ignorant, or evil, if you don't. There's too much to say, and I'd rather not say that much.

    Sitting in jail is too easy. Victims live in Hell, and not in jail. They're innocent. The only just punishment here for rapists is TORTURE, in all its forms.

    Why should the responsible of something that disgusting and that hurts an innocent person so much, sit in jail for a couple of years, when the victim has to live in Hell? Where's the sense in that.
    Rapists should get raped by other rapists.

    The therapy that the victims
    have to go thru are long and hard, but most victims can recover. :) There's a lot of support and help for them.
    But for an innocent person to be living in hell and having to go thru therapies for nothing he ever did wrong revolts me.
    Hate is good, if you can get relief from it, and if it motivates us to torture these demons. I am not gonna use graphic language to describe this torture.

    I'd do everything I can to be part of this place where they get tortured. I'd love to run it.
    ZERO sympathy. The general population won't know about the pain there, unless they choose to. Cause we'd have this televised so that good people
    can find some relief in watching this. It'll be sweet and beautiful. Very godly and Christian.

    I know by heart all the responses I'll get. All the possible combinations. There's nothing really I don't know.
    Literally I know everything. I am not, ironically, a bragger or narcissist. I am really modest, or even beyond that, purposely pathetic and crazy.
    Crazy is good. :) I am sane tho. I can be as sweet, and caring, and attentive and giving and self-sacrifice as I can be hateful.
    Depends to whom.
    Mostly the replies I will get will be arrogant. ''Lol'' "Say what?'' ''get a life'' ''flamer, ban this guy'' ''godly?'' ''pain is never good''

    It's ok, it's something that has to happen, it's the JUST and FAIR punishment. They deserve even more than that. They deserve more than the infinite pain of endless Hell.
    A lot of victims will make excuses for rapists, for various reasons, which I will not go into. If it helps them fine.

    They're demons. IMPOSSIBILITY to repent. Most people think that everyone can repent.
    This world is bad. Look around you. There could be rapists replying to this thread. I am just hoping for at least one 'amen'.

    Everyone likes to be told what he thinks is right. People instead will tell me I have issues, to frustrate me. I understand the friction, and the war of evil and good. They'll want to change me as if I have an issue, or they'll admit that I can't change, even tho. they'll think I should, but that I'm wrong and that they're right, which is what I'm saying also about myself - I'm right.
    They're evil, I'm objectively good.

    I am selfless. People are greedy, lustful and proud. It's a bad bad bad world. It's hard to find something to love. There's a lot to hate.
    People have turned this earth into Hell, and they have nothing to hate, the good ones such as myself have plenty to hate, and that's why I'm hateful. I can show you the repressed truth and we'll see who's hateful and also an hypocrite.

    I am always right, if someone tells me something, even slightly to the contrary of what I say I don't like him/her.

    I need an amen, to get some relief from this rant.

    Rape is the most disgusting thing possible. More disgusting than murder. Child rape is ... I can't even describe it.
    Sometimes I get so angry and revolted, I feel like the sky is closing in on me, that I am alone, I feel like dropping to the ground and going mad.
    It's so common, and the sentences are so short. Most are unreported. A large portion of society has been sexually abused.
    The world is bad, the repliers to this thread are possibly evil. I am alone. These are the last days, for sure.
    I'd say that only a tiny percentage of people have a hope of getting to Heaven.

    Why can't child rapists repent. God has an Elect, we have good hearts, we puke out what's wrong. I didn't digest what they thought us in school. I wondered how is masturbation ok? The rest of them were fed on this. I thought why go crazy on flesh and bone, so carnal and depraved.
    Hedonists are selfish. That's why people today are used to porn, and they tolerate everything.

    To overlook someone's soul to exploit and use the body. Oh, dear Lord. I care about people's souls. Until I fell in love I never understood sex. I thought sex was only for procreation. Now, I can see why it could possibly be acceptable in marriage, and not necessarily for procreation. I dunno about this. I don't need to look in the Bible for answers, but in my heart, because if my heart is not a match with the Bible, chances are I'll reject Christianity.

    My heart was always right, and I longed for the hidden truth, I was always inhabited by love. I found the light. I never liked what I found in this world.

    The rest of them are like crooked trees that grew the wrong way, u can't push them back in place, nor are they aware that they're not straight. My preaching is like a sticker without glue, it'll fall off.
    They'll never get this. It's too late to pray. Some people are doomed. I could write a thread on zoophilia and it'll be approved, but this won't ever be approved.

    As they swallow ''masturbation is ok'', their hearts turn backwards, and they're those crooked trees, that i will not bother pushing.

    Get to the source, address the original problem, and stop dealing with symptoms. U wanna have ur cake and eat it too.
    U enablers.
    We approve what's consensual, even if it's immoral, and we create such a sick atmosphere, where unconsensual things start emerging like an increase of rape.

    Everything bad that happens on earth is what people do to themselves. It's all interconnected.

    Most priests and preachers (I'm not gonna list all the scandals and hypocrisies) are blended in with society and telling them what they wanna hear - LIES. (God loves everybody, we'll all good and going to Heaven, HAHAHA). Greedy televangelists, compromisers, priests that rape, etc.

    If porn is legal is cause people approve of it. We can then say most people are going to Hell. (At the very least according to Biblical standards.)

    I am also opposed to capitalism. I don't like the fact that some own too much, while others have nothing.
    Some all they have to do is go forward and take what they want. Others have to struggle to get nothing and they're put down.

    My heart is so pure, and I am only aiming for perfection. For perverts I am the extremist, of course. To God, I am normal.

    I know the answers I'll get, all the possible combinations, I know everything.
    I know science, evolution, primitivism, nihilism. I know emptiness, I know filth.

    Let me give another example. Pornographers are spamming chatrooms, and most people don't show HATE towards them, cause porn is good, right?
    But when a Jehovah Witness knocks at ur door to tell u about the injustices in the world, all the religion is to blame, cause God sucks, right? (cause he won't let us be selfish?) HEIGHT OF HYPOCRISY.

    Pornographers want your money. The Jehovah Witness are volunteering its time. But he doesn't like the idea of you watching porn, so he's evil. RIGHT.

    For people today the true God is so hateful, they have no idea what he looks like. This is a god-forsaken place. U can expect the second coming very soon.

    You'd think someone would warn the world that the Bible is indeed the truth. Read revelation. Well, Fred Phelps is. A true prophet he is. Pickets 10 times a day, every single day. So much work.

    Materialism, individualism, capitalism, and so on and so forth.

    People are like pigs in the mud. They're proud, they'll tell u the most disgusting and nasty things. They're so proud to sin. So arrogant and nasty. They think they're funny and smart.

    There's just as much possible chance that they see the light, that I go on the other side. 0%.

    Only from this side can u see where u people stand.

    As long as your not in the filth, but around it.

    If you don't acknowledge it's a sin, and resist and repent, then you indulge in it to the max.
    Look around u, what have they not thought of. In the Netherlands they're legalizing zoophilia. I'm not gonna say everything that's happening in the world; It'll make u depress. We all know what the hedonists want, we know the end goal of theirs. Total Hell.
    These are the last days, it can't get much worse. But for some the world has finally evolved, haha. Cause now we have condoms, abortions, porn and sodomy, etc.

    I understand we have a sexual instinct, which is there in animals, for procreation. The pleasurable element attracts them to one another so they can reproduce.
    Hedonists, modern humans, simpletons and earth dwellers wanna indulge in this pleasurable element and mask the procreational purpose thru condoms and more. Theyre depraved.

    It's unnatural. Most unchristians will also deny that homosexuality is scientifically abnormal. Its not equal to heterosexuality - heterosexuality is natural. Homosexuality is a in a way a ''disorder''. That's science.

    I know all about everything, and it overlaps and there's so much to say. It's an expanding and infinite ramble.

    I am spiritual. I am a dreamer. Sure I'm crazy, send this to a shrink he'll tell u what exactly is wrong with my mind.
    But in this world, you've got to be bad not to turn insane with what u see.
    Bad Christians turned me away at one point from Christianity, they were so fake. So I became an anti-theist, and i became empty.

    I went to a pornoshop, and the dvds i bought and threw away traumatized me so much, I cant look at anyone the same way. I have flashes from what I saw.

    I then found Prophet Fred Phelps and true Christianity, and I am no longer ''with him'', but i think he represents well one side of Christianity, and that he is preaching what needs to be preached today. God is hate and love. The Bible has more verses on hate than love. He is very hateful. Preachers repeat the same 5 verses that they've perverted. I tho. try to focus on both sides equally, personally.

    We're all enslaved to the service of sin cause of the Fall of Man.

    I know the responses I'll get, all possible combinations, there's nothing i don't know.
    You can over examine everything too like I do about myself, and tell me whatever you have to say that I know, but the bottom line is you're an hedonist.
  2. CellarDoor

    CellarDoor Guest

    Re: Rapists Deserve Torture/death/hell And More.

    People today are so proud, and superficial. They walk past u, ignoring u, like they're something. Well, i am very bold, and i don't pay attention or I'll get them the appropriate look ''what the hell's wrong with you".

    I have Heaven in me and that's what I deserve, the rest of people wouldn't even like it in Heaven, where's it's pure love, and because they're depraved they deserve Hell.

    They will all be alone in Hell, no company. It's funny how they'll say if you're going to Heaven, I'll go to Hell, well that there's where you are.

    I don't care where everyone goes, everyone will go where he belongs.

    Children that get raped by someone who should protect them, a relative, which is usually the case in child rape. It's horrible.

    It makes me wanna go completely crazy. I can promise to u that anyone that abuses someone i care about, will die and suffer, and ill inflict the pain, thats guaranteed.

    You people will never get the Hell the victims live in. you'll never understand... just cause of a pig that couldn't control himself.

    Why cant he repent, now? Well if hes a member of the elect, and his heart is right. He'd sin in the minimum, and not the maximum.

    He can change like the rest of Christians change, PHONINESS. Everyone follows his heart. Some use Jesus as a superbell boy. Only a few have good hearts, and follow it, and do the right things.
    Most Christians are too comfortable. They don't feel others pain, they don't give all, they worship other things.

    Priests and ministers are blended in with today's evil society, they're the false prophets predicted in revelation, these are the last day.

    According to today's world everyone is going to Heaven, or almost, hahaha.

    Who's worse liberals or conservatives, I dunno. Equally bad. They hate one another.

    All this is so predicted in the Bible.

    I am hoping to find some lost people out there who's heart are right, with this message. Its my duty to preach and find them. They'll connect with this, their heart will be a match with this, the rest can tell me what they wish.

    This world is so polluted, the fog is in front of your face. Its hard to find the real truth these days.

    I prefer to write impulsively, I will not go back, and reorganize what I wrote, and add stuff, and perfect it. I think u know what I'll say.

    No one will be able to write anything after this. You all should be speechless, and know who's your master. I am expecting lots of ''LOL'', when you predict what u'll get, people don't know what to say.

    To catch a predator, we saw how many ''normal'' and typical Americans are capable of statutory rape. Who am I talking to? I am so alone. One amen is gonna be enough for me.

    I also forgot to talk about plastic surgery and bodybuilding, diets, etc. etc. Self-preoccupation, etc.

    I am so proud of myself with this thread.

    EVIL IS EVIL. I don't wanna know what pushes them to do EVIL, nor do I care.

    First reply will be a laugh or someone that'll tell me I'm so wrong, blablabla. Or some fake Christian that'll tell me to love hellbound rapists.

    I know.

    Let's hope for one amen.
  3. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    Re: Rapists Deserve Torture/death/hell And More.


    i do believe in excessive responce to people who rape others..

    all i can say to you is, don't let your anger and disgust dominate you internally. assumeing and applying responces to your beliefes and statements based on what you assume other people are thinking closes your eyes and heart to life, something that is undefinable. You don't know everything, keep that in mind. Perception is very grand, and while you most definatly are perceptive to one line of thinking, you squeeze other lines. But then again, that merely is an observation on one momentary aspect of you.

    at the end of the day, im glad you have your beliefes for yourself. but try to not impose your beliefes and statments onto others, you just block out people
    the mark of an educated person is someone who can entertain a thought, without accepting it.
  4. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    Re: Rapists Deserve Torture/death/hell And More.

    I couldn't agree with you more, in regards to what to do with rapists; if you check old posts of mine, you will find that this indeed is the case. Unfortunately, it is with certainty that I expect you to hate me, since I am far from Christian. I heavily disagree with many of the other things you said, that can be seen to be related to Christianity, such as opposition to abortion; I find abortion to be perfectly okay. Same with having sex with absolute zero purpose of procreating. As for porn, however, I agree that normal porn is immoral. I do, however, think that some porn is perfectly okay, and even truly wonderful. That porn would, of course, be drawn or animated, such as ecchi or hentai.

    It made me very happy to see someone with such a hatred against rapists, that matches mine very well. It is, however, quite unfortunate that you basically are Christian. However, since you see yourself as Christian, and since you have such a deep hatred against rapists, have in mind that the Bible considers rape as an acceptable act, in numerous instances. On http://www.evilbible.com/, you can find deeply disturbing quotes from the Bible.
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  5. ybt

    ybt Guest

    Re: Rapists Deserve Torture/death/hell And More.

    I think there needs to be a severe graphic triggering warning on this thread.

    Anyway. No, rape isn't right. It's very far from being right, but I don't care which crime you've committed, nobody deserves to have that kind of treatment done to them. Prison sentences, yes, sure, but stay away from torture. Stay far away.
  6. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    Re: Rapists Deserve Torture/death/hell And More.

    wow thats um long .. I saw on the news today, a man raped a woman in her own home. He'd been stalker her for 2 weeks prior and watch her in the bathroom. He broke in when she was alone, tied her up with some kind of wireing and raped her repeatively. this bastard got only 11 yrs with a mimimum of 8. and will not be going on the sex offenders list. Wow, so I see, he rapes someone then, sulks to the judge, the judge is leanient on him (because he said he was addicted to rape and porn internet sites!), saying he didnt entiely mean to do it, then goes to jail for a few years. And whats jail now a days? Cable TV, free food and beds? I've seen worse motels than fucking jails cells! And then he comes out and he's a free man? Once a psycho rapist, always a psycho rapist!
    You're right, he deserves to go to hell. Because he has sent his victim to hell on earth! She's gone back to being like a scared and shy child. Scared of people, the dark, being alone, anything. And what does this guy get? not even a slap on the wrist!
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  7. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    Re: Rapists Deserve Torture/death/hell And More.

    torturers are as evil as rapists or maybe even worse. hell isn't real, and even if it was finite sins can't be punished infinitely. original post is a joke right? really hope you aren't serious heh. You should care what the cause is, because that is one of the few ways you can stop it before it happens.
  8. titanic

    titanic Well-Known Member

    Re: Rapists Deserve Torture/death/hell And More.

    I personally feel alot of what has been said here has been taken out of context. It needs to be understood properly and in coxtext, re quotes from the bible, and reading them on anti-god websites are bound to show things incorrectly.

    Please be aware that on this forum you may find some very confused people.


    Such alot of anger, which is understandable - but forgiveness can really set you free. Forgiveness is not neccesarily for the perpetrator but for the healing of the victim. Please note, forgiveness is not forgetting, nor will it magically heal the pain overnight!

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  9. brokensoul98

    brokensoul98 Well-Known Member

    i think rapist should be castrated
  10. ithuriel

    ithuriel Well-Known Member

    it must take a warped mind to inflict that kind of pain on another person just for pleasure let alone to do it to a child.
    it does make me angry that good poeple can suffer such pain and want to end things and then you get the opposite end of the spectrum with such selfish monsters who only feel remorse ,( yeah right,) when they are caught.
  11. brokensoul98

    brokensoul98 Well-Known Member

    untill you have been raped or your child has been raprd you will not understand how people feel when i say they should be castrated...and what about all these preist we look up to as children and they also have violated childrens trust? men of God? what has our world come to?
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