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its probally good i am going to bed soon... i think i am about to hit some one or throw the computer through a window... block everyone!
its like as soon as some one talks to me in any was i just want to hit them, even if they are being nice!!! i want some one to talk to, but i dont want to offend people if i go completly off my nut! im about to loose it!!! ARGHHH!!!!
i need to buy a punching abg or something!!!


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Hi there,

Sounds like a difficult place to be in for you right now.. needing someone to talk to but scared that if you do talk to someone you'll offend them. Maybe you could say more about what's made you so angry here?

It might help also to put your pillow on your bed, or something soft, and hit that with clenched fists. Be safe while you're doing it.. but it's better to let the anger out instead of having it build up inside or turning it on yourself

Jenny x
Find a way to channel that energy, or at least release it.

Dropping for a set of push-ups or running a mile is healthy as well as calming.

I've never done it, but taking up a martial art sounds like a good idea too.


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Matrial arts are great for channeling anger, but I don't think that's what Smashed means.

You feeling like you want to destroy everyone in your path Smashed, even tho
you need someone very badly right now?

Can u try to focus on whats at the root of the anger (try writing it down). Everytime you speak to someone, do you feel let down by what you perceive to be their inability to understand you?

Sometimes when I reach out, all I get is everyone telling me how miserable they are. It feels like I'm only wanted when they have a problem or if I can make them laugh. The anger brews in the back of my head and gut and then I feel guilty for being angry, which makes me angrier till I either sit in silence or take the anger out on myself.

Try to work out what is triggering your anger and let it out in a post, then maybe you will be able to talk about it either online or in person without smashing up the person on the other end of the conversation.

Hope this helps hun.


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EEP!!! Well at least you can't take my pizza away. :tongue:


Hopes you feel better soon SUS. :hug:

I'm always here for you, if I'm not online just send me a PM.

*huggles* see you soon.

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