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i swear i am gonna kill some one!!!
i want to throw the computer out the damn window!!!
i wish i had never said yes to my auntie coming to live with us!! EVERYTHING has to go her way!
and she is always on my back... its like having another mum!
she is always nagging me about my diet and figure! 'your too skinney... eat more, you cant live like this' Well watch me bitch coz i aint changing for you!!
I live in a house of all fucking adults!!! damn it!! i have an older brother... like 20 years older! a step dad! and mum and a auntie! its like double the amount of parents in one house!!! they are all on my back and they are PISSING me off!!!

and i still dont feel better after writing that
good bye


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Awwww im sorry your having a hard time.And i know it isnt much consolation [and your house does seem a little crowded by now especially with adults!!] but perhaps some of the time these people are being this way cos actually mabye they care quite a bit for you.i dont know.im only guessing.But they might be like me......where everything comes out the wrong way a lot a lot of the time but they might actually care very much maybe?!i dunno.Just a suggestion.i know often i think people are nagging me when simetimes they might just be concerned or worried so just thought id give you that as a thought to ponder.im sorry ylou feel so stressed and have so much to deal with right now.But i hope things get better soon.

Take care
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