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Hello. This is a really stupid idea but I just thought I would start this pointless thread because I'm too inarticulate to keep a diary and that it would be an easy way to sum up how I feel my days are going without having to go into much detail. I would be more than happy for others to post their day ratings on this thread too. So, since it's Wednesday night here and I'm now in bed, I'm going to give this day a...

3 out of 5


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2 out of 5. Self abusing again with alcohol. Worried about some friends here. No direction. No love. No happiness... maybe 1 out of 5 now that I think about it. ((((Eves))))


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3.5. Was mostly alone, slept a lot. The best part of the day was that I got to watch a hockey game, and the Capitals won, even though they gave up more goals than they should have at the end and it went from a 4-1 nearly guaranteed victory to a 4-3 nail-biter. But Alexander Ovechkin got a hat trick, and that made me pretty happy.


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2 out of 5

Cant really complain as it could have been worse.

Stirring up bad feelings inside the anger roiling in waves over circumstances I cannot change. People are acting like dumbed down humans on the roads, in the store its like the whole world froze and I am the only one moving on a normal speed.


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My day was a 3 today (today being Thursday cause I work nights and it's still MY Thursday). Got up way too early and cooked and cleaned for hours. I'm sore as hell and not feeling great. BUT the family came over and that's unusual so that was cool, ate some good food and I my dad slipped me some birthday cash ($50 - my birthday is today - Friday). I'd say it all evened out in the end.


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4 out of 5...should have done some exercising and what not, look for volunteer work, going to bed early didn't do me any favours last night, still woke up late.


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2 out of 5. My computer is sinking fast. Been trying much of the morning to get browser. Finally succeeded. Will pick up a new one tomorrow (AND NOT FOR FREE). Supposedly all will be perfect with it when I leave the store. The cynic in me says 'no way'.

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