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How do you rationalise when you feel isolated and your mood is a burden - but you shouldn't suicide even though it feels.like people wouldn't miss you?.

It's a problem probably borne of too much ideation. Like I know it's my choice and there's only so much people can help, but then I get confused and feel like people don't care whether I die.

I suppose this only becomes a point until you get to the point you are happy to live again


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it's easy to rationalize suicide i have done it many times as many others have. we rationalize because of x then y and of course leads to z . fortunately we fight those thoughts which is why most of us are still alive. what i tell a lot of people and i do is cherish the good times and survive the bad ones. try to find any joy in your life no matter big or small joy helps us through the difficult times. i hope you feel better soon...mike...*hug*shake

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