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Dont know whats wrong with me all i wanna do is run around like a chicken wih its head cut off. And self harm. Feel useless but at the same time i still feel the electricity running through my body. I'm smart enough not to run around screaming no matter how much i want to but SH is secret and hideable so i could do it. Feel like im being pulled up and down simultaneously. Theres no time for depression though must do something useful and worthwhile.

No time to slow down must go be one with nature or something.


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I have felt this way; when I cannot get comfortable and am chasing my tail, so to say...hope you find something that can help you direct your energy...big hugs, J


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I'd go for a long walk - you might have too much pent up energy on the go - and this can affect the mind and the mood if you feel like running around but are just sitting in front of a computer!

Anyhow, like you say, there is no time for depression - do something else instead!

Don't self harm - just tell us what's got you down and direct your energy into something worthwhile.

You could run around the garden with a lawnmower like a chicken with no head.

Sometimes we are like the headless chicken - we cannot get a head!

But we can get even perhaps?
I tried that went out running. I'd mow the lawn but we dont have one lol. I see what you mean maybe i'll just run on the treadmill til my body gives out.

I did not self harm :) its all about willpower!!! Gotta stay strong. Drew a picture instead even though i suck at drawing. Its more abstract art. And i stayed away from weed even though i knew it would help with he hypomania. I
promised the docs i wouldnt smoke no more though because it messes with he pills.

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You could run around the garden without the lawn mower! But running on the treadmill might be a better idea. Glad to see you didn't sh. Willpower is definitely a good thing to have. :)
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