Razors and Kinves

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  1. when will it end

    when will it end New Member

    I think of Razors
    I think of my Knife
    I think of blood
    And how to end my life

    I think of that pain
    All vanishing away
    Letting me escape
    What reason do I have to stay

    I think of myself
    Lying on the floor
    Surrounded in a pool of blood
    That’s the end of the war

    No one wants to die
    But no one knows how to escape this escapade
    The thoughts that torment you day by day
    Night by night they invade

    'You don't deserve to live'
    The problem is ever one of the thoughts is true
    But every one else is like
    Oh god, snap out of it, I hate you feeling blue!

    So I put that knife to my throat
    I feel the rush of euphoria inside
    The temptation, death in the palm of my hand
    But how to allow myself to let go and let the blade slide

    To leave the ones I love with the pain I once had
    You carry the pain of hurting them by dying
    And hurting them when you’re alive
    And you find yourself in a corner, shaking and crying

    When will it end?
    How many more psychs do I see?
    How many more cuts?
    Let me go, please agree!

    Living for someone else
    Even though it causes me more pain
    Day by day my hatred for myself grows
    As I tell him of the blood running down my arm, like tears, like rain

    I watch my blood flow from my cuts
    I try to cut the badness out
    I feel dirty, contaminated, and worthless
    And I sense in myself is doubt

    The world has seen this much of me
    I don’t think I should spare it more
    I let the knife slip, slit, gone!
    There I am, surrounded by a pool of my blood, lifeless on the floor!
  2. Sad_Rabbit

    Sad_Rabbit Well-Known Member

    You've written a sad yet powerful poem. I understand it and hope you can overcome the urge with your poetry. It's good. Rabbit
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