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    Cutting the skin,
    but I still feel the pain.
    Can't cover this one up.
    I hold over my head a cloud of rain.
    In my hand I hold a cup,
    drinking the darkness of love gone vein.

    Lying on my bedroom floor,
    wondering why I ever loved him,
    what love even stands for.
    I still see his face,
    a clear portrait in my mind,
    don't cry just cut and bind.

    I don't want to cry,
    I just want to die.
    Can't escape this time.
    Can't stop the bleeding in my heart this time.
    Screw love,
    it feels like a crime.
    I want to ditch this dirty slime.

    I die again,
    internally dead.
    I go back to my grave.
    What's left to be said.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.