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You know what??

Screw recovery. Screw gaining weight. Screw getting fat and disgusting. Screw food. And screw the damn clinic.

Fuck you recovery.

I don't want you.


Whats the fucking point?
Whats the point of anything?
Recovery can fuck off and so can everything else.
I'm sick of all this shit.
Try, try, try and get fuckall back.
What if I slashed my arm up? Would anyone give a shit then?
Don't want a trigger, ooooh triggering is being ignored? Er, probably one of the biggest. So thanks all....thanks for all your support and caring natures. You've all been great.


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I'm not gonna be a lot of help here, cos not anorexic; but just wanted to say "I HEAR YOU".

You know u have to eat and eating doesn't mean getting fat, but u probably hear that all the time too, so I'll just shut up.

But I heard your pain Beauty, I heard it.

Sorry I can't help with this.


You don't have to be anorexic to give a shit. You don't even have to know much about eating disorders. It's all too much effort for you all. I get it.

So, yeah, my BMI is 17. I'm going to get it down to 10, which is about 65lbs. And then I'll die. Great. I'll still look like shit though.
I'm sorry if you feel ignored. You're right, it certainly doesn't help how you're feeling. Like I said before I don't know much about eating disorders, I have studied it from the outside to an extent as it was part of my course but sometimes that isn't enough and I can't help but think the advice and support I'd give you would be useless, but I will try because I don't want you to feel like no one is listening, because people are and if they don't reply it doesn't automatically mean they don't care. :hug:

Edit: I replied in the other thread in HEAL.
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I'm not really looking for advice.

I guess I just wanted to feel part of this site and like I had friends and people who gave a shit but they don't. Everyone gives you a wonderful welcome and then don't bother with you anymore. Like you're not worthy. Whatever.

I weigh 108lbs.

My friends have given up on me
My family are the verge of giving up on me.


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Thats 49kgs, and far too low. A BMI of 17 is the sort of figure athletes and bodybuilders shoot for, but there coming from an overall healthy weight, and in the case of bodybuilders, obviously quite a lot of muscle mass.

Im not gonna tell you that food is an absolute necessity for life. You already know that. Im wondering why you dont want to gain some weight though. Who, or what is the role model for making you think you need to be this thin?

Im 5" 10, and weigh around 158 pounds, a shade under 72 kilos, and ive gotten a couple comments lately from people thinking I should put on weight if anything.

Myself and another person on this forum have a little pact going atm to achieve our weight goals. She wants to loose a little weight, and im trying to gain some weight. We intend to talk about our progress over MSN...and support each other getting to our goals. If you want to talk about it..PM me.


I have lots of role models but they don't neccessarily cause me to lose weight. It's not as simple as that. I just use them as thinspiration to keep my motivation going.
recovery was pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to me.
you get your life back. It is a very hard decision to make, but it is a necessary one. You dont have to get fat, and doing it now, will make you feel a shit load better so that when you are older you dont have to think about yourself passing up a chance. Recovery has made me happier. and when you came into the chat the other day, our conversation made me realise that i think that i am ready to post in this part of the forum again.
Recovery is good
and whether or not you want to die you should still do it.


I am sorry that you feel like anorexia isnt important enough on this forum. But you shouldnt judge the people here as a whole. There are so many people and so many posts on this forum, that people have difficulty getting to all of them. Anorexia is important. You are important, but you have to realise that you are important and posting here is a good start.
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