Reached my Peak & Life only gets worse from here

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  1. 1stLand

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    I feel numb.
    Nothing feels exciting to me anymore.
    I have money & security but what I am severely lacking in is self confidence and looks & this is preventing me from finding a GF. I am lonely.

    Every year I lose more hair. Gain more Wrinkles.

    I feel like life is passing me by. Getting rejected after a few dates by women I fall for.

    How can it get better?

    Recently I tried improving my scalp's appearance by undergoing a procedure called Micro Scalp Pigmentation. That procedure was botched and now I look even more ridiculous.

    Life is cruel.
  2. DrownedFishOnFire

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    Why not do shaved head look as its quite popular here. Actors all do it.

    For rejection atfer few dates, do they give a reason? Like compatibility or sexual chemistry is important to some folks ?