Reaching out

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    I need you and I can't reach because you are all the way in Greece. I realy need one of our "landing" chats. Im alone in the realms of upstairs, as Kathryn has gone to Rome. Clare has her dad here and Alex - well who really cares anyway. I am missing you so much! And it is hitting me today how it is all over.

    Thank you for the journal. Dont ever doubt your words because they mean so much to me. They are keeping me going, knowing how much I mean to you and knowing how you will always be there for me. Im so glad I wrote you that letter and gave you my beads, which btw I am missing loads! But they couldn't have gone to a better home! Please come visit soon - regardless of the fact that you only left on tuesday! My friends are my world and you mean the world to me. I love you guys so much!