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  1. xighsequite

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    ...or don't... too late.

    I haven't had time to read too much of the forums and analyze the various situations; either way I still want to propose a topic for discussion.

    So, any of you who can't accept simple reasons you should want to live, or who believe you can't possibly just live through the happy parts of life while not considering the bad parts, this is where you speak -

    I want to have a rational discussion about why humans should or should not kill themselves - or at least as rational as humans can be.

    Discuss your situation, and explain why you believe it's better if your body and mind ceased to function. I'll post mine soon.

    And of course, there are reasons people don't kill themselves as soon as they feel like they should. We should determine those reasons as well; even if they can't convince you against it, you should understand exactly what you're feeling and why.
  2. xighsequite

    xighsequite Active Member

    There were a lot of reasons my childhood was awkward, but in any case the product of that childhood and development is what I am now.

    Of course, I was shy. Ridiculously shy. I didn't look anyone in the eyes until high school - and I still can only look at strangers. There's too much you can read from people you know as well as friends or family. And when I see that someone else is in pain, I become sad.

    that's called empathy - I don't understand it, nor do I like it.

    As far as a healthy ego goes, I don't have one. My opinions are objective, if not entirely selfless. I simply don't care about myself, and although that is my choice, you can't not care about yourself and keep your brain happy. Your brain is you, after all, and it needs some sort of selfishness to thrive.

    I, like some of you apparently, have detached myself from all of my friends. I no longer contact them, because I'm afraid of hurting them, or influencing them negatively. In fact, I'm afraid of hurting all of you right now, by encouraging certain thoughts.

    Unfortunately, that fear of negatively influencing the planet, and the humans in it, is part of my justification for my will to die. I want things to be harmonious, for people to live and be happy, but this wish is hardly plausible.

    We aren't intended to be happy, or intended to be anything, simply because we're capable of it. Humans developed as we did psychologically for a reason; happiness is just a luxury we're fortunate enough to have.

    But it's dangerous now; not only am I incapable of happiness, or being comfortable, I'm aware of being unnecessary here.

    So, essentially, the motivating force for my continued survival, at the moment, is so that I don't cause sadness or discomfort to my family. When they're gone - I'm moving soon - I will have to reanalyze my situation and decide what to do.


    I find all aspects of life boring, now. I feel that I've lived well, and long enough. I don't want the situation to be like this, but it is. I think the other planets are all still pretty content, though. Us earthlings should stop being so silly and distressed.
    (I was being very concise, writing this. It'd take a few thousand more words to explain the situation, but I prefer to listen, anyway)
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