ready to be free

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    I am so sick of my life, it is nothing but a vicious cycle of pain and misery. Actually its more like a black hole everytime I try and escape I get dragged back in deeper and further! All I feel is pain. I cant do this anymore. Everyday I find myself <mod edit - methods> to end it all! I am ready to be free! There's no place in this world for me I am nothing but a waste of time space and energy! I should do the world a favour and end my life right now!! I just want to be free.
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    there are other ways
    pls keep posting and sharing emotion
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    I don't know any other ways, I have tried to sort it out and nothing helps I just get dragged back in deeper and it hurts so much I just want to be free of the pain.
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    Try to hang on. Read here and write and talk.
    I still feel pretty lost and alone but the people here have helped to lighten my life a bit. That bit has kept me from going over the edge.