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Ready to die

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Bruces, Nov 11, 2014.

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  1. Bruces

    Bruces Well-Known Member

    Think I'm ready to die just need a way of doing it life hasn't turned out how I want it at all just completely pig suck of it,can't cope with the ocd and depression anymore,just feel bad as to how it's going to affect family I want to sit them down and tell them it's the best thing for me,why does suicide have to be such a big deal after all with anything else in life if we don't like something we stop doing it so why can't it be the same with life,it doesn't suit me so why can't I just stop doing it without all the fuss,I dream of just being able to take or inject something and just fall asleep never to wake.
  2. milo001

    milo001 Active Member

    I know depression is really sucks but you still have a family. Suicide is really an easy way but what about the peoples who cares for us. You can talk to a psychologist about how you feel.
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi Bruces why not sit down with your doctor and tell doc how you are feeling and get some help to stop the depression. You family whether you sit with them or not will be affected greatly the sadness you feel will ony be passed onto them but more so Just stating a fact ok one cannot understand fully why a loved one chooses to leave
    Talk with a professional ok get on meds do therapy but do something to help you
  4. True-Lee

    True-Lee Well-Known Member

    Hi, I hear you. I don't know all of your circumstances, I don't really have to, I have no investment in your life, I haven't contributed at all. I am on the outside looking in, but "I am crying". I don't know why, you are a stranger to me. I don't know your family either, I do know or believe you have a wife, only because you said you did. I do believe what you say, I believe what you say, because you have no reason to mislead me or anyone that reads this. I really and truly Believe! I don't have your issues, I haven't suffered your Pain, I don't know how long you have had it, I don't know what you have gone through dealing with it, I don't know what your family has gone through, I don't know how many children you have, or their ages. I don't Have to.

    I do know you are here and today, I have read what you have said, I am crying, because I know you mean it. and while I cannot tell the future, I have a pretty good Idea what will happen, "If" you are successful. Do You Know?
  5. Bruces

    Bruces Well-Known Member

    The depression is uncontrollable to be honest I've tried loads of different meds and therapys nothing ever works I just feel the same way all the time,I want to convince my family that death will be the best thing for me I'm like an animal that's suffering I just need putting down I've tried to look for hope or light in the tunnel but there just isn't any it's time
    To leave,it's
    Pointless me being here
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