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Ready To Die

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I sit alone in the house
The house I was abused in
The house I felt my pains in
The house I made myself bleed in
The house I would have died in
The house I have a gun in
The house I want to die in
The house I'm ready to end it all in
I sit alone in the house


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Hi im sorry i have been slow replying to this.ONly just managed to read it but i just have and it was very powerful,very moving.i hear you and i know my reply wont be much use or manage to ease your pain but i do care and i hope that you are as ok as you can be.Thankyou for being brave enough to post this and please feel free to contact me anytime you want to.You must be feeling terrible.And i hope things are looking up for you since the time that you wrote this and by the time when you hopefully read my reply.Worried about you.Please let us know how you are ding i fyou are there.It would be great to hear from you and to know how you are.Once again apologies for the slowness of my reply and the waffling also!!Thanks for sharing.

Take care and best wishes for now
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