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Ready to Die

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Greetings all I just wanted everyone to know that this will be my last post before I leave this place. I've been planning my suicide for almost five weeks making sure everything is in order, and finally I can now act on those plans. All my loose ends have been tied together, and in a couple of hours I will be free. Already I feel so relaxed, and less stressed. All though I'm really not a prominent member here at this forum I feel its necessary to let somebody know of my end. There really isn't much else to say except for goodbye... I'm finally going to be happy again.


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STay with us. Your happiness will only come if you stay. And it's incredible, beyond my words can even say. And that's from hope, not from knowing. Because I hope for it, and I feel it hoping for me, get it? But we're not yet together, but we want to be. And that's enough for now. It's enough for all of us.

So stay with us, don't leave us here in this darkness.
Please dont do that! Take it from me, I used to try to plan things through and if you think about it. It's quite pointless. Please stay here with us for a while you'll see that it'll work out. God would never give us something we can't handle. It might seem like we can't but in the end we can. I promise.
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