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ready to give up

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why does depression have to hit u like this? what have i done wrong in my life to have to suffer these thought, iv kept strong for so long for my children they are the only reason im still alive but i dont know how much longer i can do it :'(
im taking my tablets as iv been diagnosed with extreme depression and ptsd and have reached out for all the help on offer but i still feel like there is no point in carrying on what use am i when im like this everyone will be better off without me iv lost the strenght to fight this any longer


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I know you're struggling. And it sounds like you're doing it all alone. But you arent alone any longer. This is a great place to vent and talk about all things that are forcing you to feel so desperate. People here understand and dont judge.

I'm a mom too so I know how badly you feel about where you are right now. How even the thought of leaving your kids just isnt enough to stop the thoughts. And how guilty you feel for even thinking this way. Hun I'm here if you want to talk. Try to get some things out and in the open. Drop me a pm anytime you like :arms:
thank you for your reply its so hard being a mum when u feel like just giving up but i know my kids have struggled just as much as me and it would break them to find me its the only thing i have stopping me as they are still young and cuz of our past (fled domestic violence, physical, emotional,sexual and mental and my poor babies suffered extreme child abuse ) they would have no one i am going through court because of the dv and ca and hes denying everything which is making it so hard for me to cope my children also have mental health issues and i sometimes struggle with them because of there outburst im so scared of this life now i seriously think i have served my time here i even keep thinking that i would still watch over my kids as their guardian angel but that they will have a better life with out me xxx


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Hi, sorry that you're hurting. Some experiences are very hard to deal with but I think if you look to the future that is the way out and that is what I try to do. Litte bit of hope will keep you going. The past, don't let it break you. Bend but don't break. Happiness is out there, it's still possible and you deserve it.
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