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  1. SongoftheSiren

    SongoftheSiren New Member

    I realize that this life isn't for me. I'm not happy. Never have been and never will be. I'm extremely stressed and depressed, and I have nothing to live for. I know this isn't the place to share methods, but sometimes I wish someone could just help me. I've tried pills, it hasn't work.

    I just wish I could leave. 19 years of pain has been enough for me.
  2. Brent1969

    Brent1969 Member

    @Song: I don't really know what to say, but the fact you posted here (and sought out this website) suggests to me you do want help. Please find someone to talk to about your feelings.
  3. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Mate, you have depression, which is WHY life seems like it ain't for you.

    I don't know if your depression has a cause - or if its just there!

    Depression needs no reason, but it will always take what is there and twist anything into a negative. It will leave convinced YOU are at fault but in reality the reason you feel this way is down to some biological 'thing' - our brains, sophisticated and complicated, can go wrong all on the basis of one tiny little function being off kilter and not working as it should.

    Any part of the body can go wrong - its easy to deal with that. But when our minds or brain ends up being the focal point of pain then its harder to deal with than physical conditions which can be corrected with ease.

    A sore tooth, you get a filling, but the mind, often as not we won't even tell loved ones something is wrong.

    Your life CAN be something you actually wake up and look forward to. It is up to you and me really - or anyone else out there. Unless you actually get some help - you will never really know a 'good life' - you'll isolate yourself, lose confidence and miss out on opportunities you might take up if you felt just a little bit better in yourself.

    Maybe you should just accept that what you feel now is down to the negative impact of depression on our own thought processes. Sometimes, do you ever wake up, and the first thing you think is something negative?

    You can wake up a beautiful day with depression, and see the sunlight as unwanted and even the cheerful laughs and shouts of people in a happy mood as unwanted also.

    But who wants this?

    Nobody in their right mind would choose to feel this way and the shame of it is that even in these modern times we still have a reluctance with people being able to talk about mental issues.

    You'd sooner talk about having a dose of clap - its more socially acceptable in some ways.

    But the point I'm making is that nobody ought to just suffer from this debilitating condition in silence. To think you might actually be thinking of killing yourself over this is a terrible thing - but that's the reality of depression and I take it seriously.

    Thing is - with help, many people DO overcome the worse of it - and especially the pervasive thought processes which can be stopped with either medication and counselling, perhaps both.

    Other factors kick in. You can have great counselling and medication can work great - but at some point you need a regimen in your life - some order to counter the previous chaos. You have to use any good changes to your advantage and have some aims in your life, some goals of sort.

    But before then you need to get the help - and commit yourself to taking whatever course comes up.

    Every negative getting you down has a positive to cure it somewhere. The main thing is to aim toward a point were we believe in ourselves and get confidence. Then all things can be possible.

    Good luck Bent1969.
  4. HItomorrow

    HItomorrow Member

    Don't do anything stupid like trying to kill yourself. You need a huge amount of knowledge, most methods out there are extremely painful or just don't work.

    I fully understand you, that's why i can give you advice if you allow me to.
    I too have nothing to live for, i'm 20 years old, i feel like i can't repair my life,
    it's a disaster. I wish there was a reset button, wish i did things differently.
    Sadly i can't. There's no reset button.
    But i'm sure you had/have wishes, things that you think would make you happy.
    If you think at the cause of your depression, you may even find your purpose in life, beating that depression.
    I'm also sure there were happy moments in your life, like when you were watching a beatiful movie or listening to a beautiful song, yes they may have helped you to escape reality for a little perdiod of time.
    But if there was something that made you happy, you realize that there's a world you don't know out there, many many things that could still help you find happyness and it could be ANYTHING. :)
    And please don't be alone, there are many wonderful people here willing to help you, let them talk with you.
    Make new friends, you can start from this place.
    Even if you can't change the past,you can change your future.
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  5. wistwand

    wistwand Member

    <mod edit-gentlelady-methods>
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  6. HItomorrow

    HItomorrow Member

    You would be surprised at how many people survive <mod edit-gentlelady-methods>, i used to think that a <methods> would be perfect, but it's far from it. Even a<methods>. I'm sure you won't die instantly like in the movies, it's extremely painful.
    I don't want to talk about methods, i'm just saying that's it's never what you think and that you should think twice.
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