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losing my identity and the touch with the real world, i wonder if i really exist and if my pain is real.
can anyone hear me? can anyone see me?
im losing my mind.


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why can't you say why? we hear you and we're here for when you're ready to talk x
it is hard for me to say why i want to die, to detect the problem, the reason i want to kill myself...

the point is...

even though i have people who care for me, i feel so so alone

even though i am physically healthy, i spend most of the day in bed

even though my life could be considered a success, i only see failure

even though i could be considered cute i dress myself to be invisible

even though i could live and have a life, i only want to die.


and what is real? what i see of myself or what others see?

who is the real me?

what is the real problem? why do i want to kill myself? and is it real too?
i am real

i exist

i am hurting

i want to die

but i dont have access to the pills anymore

how can i live? how can i cope? how can i survive my mind screaming to end it all?
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