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I don't think anyone can help me.

I'm a lost cause, theres no point in being near me.

I don't wanna take up anymore of your time really, so I might stick around but I won't be posting anymore.


The biggest loser ever to live.
There's a lot of us that feel exactly the same way you do, myself included. I hope you can continue to post, I'm afraid I don't know you, but I am sure you can contribute here.


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Not really, I can be really boring.

I really want to die, more then anything, I don't wanna live and do that happy stuff I wanna die and just suffer whatever repetitions afterwards.

I hate myself more then I can even imagine hating someone else.

I mind as well face it, I'm a idiotic, annoying, boring british brat and I really don't mind if someone came up and chopped my head off now.


Hey I dont want you to go away! I was having fun in the Coffee House!! Im sorry your having a hard time. Will you tell me/us whats going on to make you feel this way? I care about you and hey, you owe me a castle remember? But seriously, hang in there, okay?


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My whole life story is a incredably long trainwreck, and I'm bored with having to be strong, and having people rely on me. When I was 14 my mum died and I had to watch my dad cry in front of me, me and him didn't always get on but I want meant to be the one crying yet I was being used as the one to cry too.
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