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Not sure if this is the right place to post this so feel free to move it.

I have been off work for two months with a back injury after a particularly awkward lift and I think that I have suffered a mild depression as a result. I never thought that not being able to do my job would cause such emotions but it just shows me that my job means everything to me. I am now doing a phased return to work so I am again much happier. It was at the stage where I sat at home all day in my pyjamas, never brushing my hair, not brushing my teeth and eating crap. I didn't answer my phone, I didn't speak to anyone all day. I didn't go anywhere. I didn't clean my flat. I didn't do anything. And I drank bottle after bottle after bottle of wine.

Now that I'm getting back to work I feel so much better. It's almost like I have purpose again and the majority of those bad feelings have melted away. I suppose what I'm trying to say is everyone needs to find their purpose to find some kind of fulfillment.

I think I realised I might have been displaying symptoms of depression when I was on my way home from work three weeks ago (I had been in the office doing light duties). I drive over a bridge to get home and on this particular day I noticed someone standing on the wall of the bridge, facing inwards with their back towards the drop and the water below. I felt that I had a moral and work duty to stop so I sped up, did a U-Turn and started back. Whilst I was turning around three cars, obviously slowing down to see what was going on had all gone into the back of eachother. So I then had three car fuls of people and a suicidal person on a bridge to contend with. I quickly checked that the people in the cars had no life threatening injuries and then started to approach the person on the bridge. I haven't really dealt with talking someone down from such a dangerous position before. I have dealt with self harmers and overdosers and hangings etc but not this so I was apprehensive as to what to say. I did manage to get her talking and I found out that she was only 15. It was awful,and she was more and more agitated because of thinking she caused the car acident and kept letting go with one hand. In my head I was screaming at her to hold on and running through ways in my head that I could grab her and hold her. But I carried on talking to her and she really opened up to me and began telling me her problems. It made my heart break and my voice actually got wobbly as I was talking to her. Well, anyway, the police turned up and between them they managed to grab her and prise her off the bridge. One of them knew her and said that she had attemped various times. They took her to the police station for her own protection and I then checked the people in the cars more thoroughly. When I got back in my car my hands were shaking and all I could think about was what if she had fallen and I hadn't been able to do anything? I dreamt about it for several nights and I think about her. I really hope I did a good thing for her and that she's getting the help she needs. I worry that she will attempt again and succeed. Research shows that regular attempers get more and more severe with their attempts.....as if they are putting out the feelers for their real attempt. I hope we got to her in time. It made me realise that my job is important and means an awful lot to me and that I had been depressed because I couldn't do it. So I thank that girl and hope with all my heart that she will be okay.

This is a huge thread, and if you've made it this far I thank you for reading and I hope that maybe you can take something, however small, from this too.
I've suffered a back injury before as well that put me off work... I totally understand how you felt depression from that, work is something that makes a lot of people focus, and losing it can cause your focus to slide to other places where you might not want it.

And as for what you did for that girl, congratulations! Although a lot of people would want to stop and help, I'm not sure everyone would think of it as a serious threat like you did. You should be proud of yourself, you may have saved your life.

Good job,

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