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    me and my mum have always been close there is a lot I haven't told her about my depression I think it's something I'm never going to tell her,
    I haven't been on here in a long time I guess I've just been skimming through life I'm not really sure how I'm getting along how I'm still here I fell In love with my best friend the only issue is the distance 247 miles 4 hours and 30mins away it doesn't seem that far broken down but it is I'm still alone every night phone calls and texts aren't always enough.

    The actual reason why I'm posting this my mum was taken into hospital the other night she really unwell it's just made me really realise that one day she's not going to be forever and one day I'm going to loose her and this scares the life out of me I don't know how I'd cope I'm not coping now I just don't understand I can't fix this I cant stop this I'm trying to change something that is unchangeable I just wish for5 minuets the world would stop I wish I could press pause and just stop.

    Everything is spinning out of control I've tried talking to Shaun about it but he just always seem pre occupied with other things he hasn't noticed that I'm constantly wearing long sleeves all the time I'm around him... He doesn't understand that I'm constantly putting off talking to him ...I don't really feel anything I feel the same numbness I did before... It never really went away I guess it just faded out into darkness but now I seem to be in that darkness again
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    Hi hun i remember you I am so sorry hun your mom is so ill and i hear your fear hun. I hope the doctor and the nurses take good care of your mom and she will be back soon to you
    It is good you are coming here hun for support I hope you don't harm you anymore hun Your mom hun she will be home soon and would not want this for you. Hugs
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