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Kaos General

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Ok something has been bugging me for a while and its to do with peoples perception of reality. If people are confused then here is a simple rule to follow:

Online = Fake

Real life = REALITY

Learn the difference. Why become suicidal over someone you have never met and in all likeliness will never meet? Seriously, i mean im tired of seeing shit on here and everywhere else saying "oh they broke my heart, im gonna kill myself now", further investigation reveals they have never met each other and it was all online. Online relationships are IMO are fake. You can only have a relationship with someone you can actually touch, feel, see etc. Granted sometimes relationships work, and you'll find the ones that do work have actually met and love each other etc. Sorry but it just bugs the hell out of me. If your suicidal then fine but down sit their and say it was because of some random person you met online and have never met. Your suicidal because your suicidal not because of someone

Rant over


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I understand it, but I think people who say that were already having problems.
Having someone online was a way to cope with all of it, and by losing that they start feeling bad or worse again because their support is gone.

Anyway, just my way of looking at it. Sometimes i get mad about little stuff that seems strange to other people, but it's just a little silly thing that can sometimes be too much too handle on top off all the other shit.

But i'd never really trust someone that i didn't meet in real life.
Hell, I don't even trust most people i do meet in real life :)


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^Yea, suicide can be caused by many factors and the online relationship thing is just one of them.

If your suicidal then fine but down sit their and say it was because of some random person you met online and have never met.
People can get suicidal over all sorts of people, whether they met them online or in person. I mean, even strangers can make people suicidal. So why do you think someone you met online can't make you suicidal?

Your suicidal because your suicidal not because of someone
Umm, that didn't make sense. People are usually the reason why someone is suicidal, no?

Even though I don't believe in this whole online dating thing myself, I don't think it's fair to call all online relationships fake. Sure, they don't work out most of the time but that doesn't mean whatever romantic feelings you have for someone you met online isn't real.


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Some people don't have much of a choice but to invest their emotions very heavily in online friendships because relationships in person are too stressful.

Kaos General

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People are getting confused, im not talking about friendships im talking about relationships. How the hell can someone you have never even made and have no hope in hell of meeting ever gonna make you suicidal?
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