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Realization(language not that I care)

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I realized my self worth today in real life and in our little world of online. I totally got the picture as to what i meant to people and what I dont meant to people. I realized today that i'm a fuckin nuisance and what i do or dont do with ym life won't matter to a fuckin soul. Yes I'm hurt, angry whatever..but i'm used to it. I'm used tobeing a fuckin nobody in the realm of this world. I'm used to just fading into the background with the trash, why hsould i feel any different? Why do i keep bending over backwards for people...why do i even need to be here. FUCK FUCK FUCK....my whole body won't stop fuckin shaking...i so badly want to pop the pills that im trying to stop taking and im wondering why it even matters if i do take them..its not like if i do people will even notice or even care for that matter.


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There are so many people that care Kelly, and you know they do. The physical limitations of the internet really pisses me off, cause if i was there right now, id give you a :hug: and let you know its going to be ok.

Kelly its going to be fine alright, please dont go ahead with what you have planned. You have plans that you should go ahead with, could really make the world of differance to you. Please have faith in yourself to overcome this...it will happen ok.
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