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    I dont want to be alone any more, I feel sad and pathetic. And I should just relize there must be a reason im alone. Its not because my personality, its not cause I have so much to offer. Its cause im straight up ungly, im tired of trying to appear confident its not working. there is no distracting my mind from it, I see elderly couples holding hand. It takes all thats in me not to cry. Im happy for them, I really am. I just know it will never be me. i just want to be ok knowing that I will die alone. im going to go throw myself a pitty paty now. Ifhms. Iwiwd.
  2. silent_chaos

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    Im delusional thinking im going to find someone and be happy.
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    I cannot know the future and often think I might never find someone too but 2 things to consider here:

    First, there is people less attractive than you that have someone that love them. Go in a mall and spend some time looking. There is literally millions of ugly people with a happy love life.

    Secondly, physical attributes are much less important while getting older. Beauty don't last... and older people are wiser and care less about what other people think. Your chances (and mine) improve with time.

    Good luck!!
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    people usually dont pick partners anymore base on core values. they just pick someone that has some of the same interests as them, and then when they milked them dry of all the entertainment they can get out of them, they leave them. wish i could find a bf/friend who cares about me for ME. playing videogames together should just be something we should do as an extra. but no one has the patience for me. it just sucks.
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