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really bad day today

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i have had a really bad day today i got into a stupid fight with some guy who is a friend of one of my closest friends and now i feel like total crap the fight started a few hours back on facebook between me and some guy i have never met or seen before.he really laid into me when all i was doing was trying to defend my friend he said for no apparent reason that i didn't know him and that i didn't know what hes been through yet i never even said anything about him whatsoever this guy wouldn't let up at all he said that he was pissed off and my little comments weren't helping matters and he told me to lay the fuck off because i didn't know him.i have no idea why he even picked a fight with me but i know that hes going to make me appear as if im in the wrong but now im pissed off but also upset about this yet i dont take the way i feel out on other people especially people i dont even know


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He was probably looking for a fight and you just walked right into it.
I'd leave well alone and if anyone asks about it, calmly give your side.
i think i know what hes going to say to my friend(hes going to say it was all my fault) i know that hes probably the type of person who will make you seem as if you have provoked him which i haven't. i swear the more i see of people the more i like animals
Try to avoid them for now as much as possible. Even your friend. Probably all he needs is some distance so that he'll realize his fault. He'll soon learn that you were someone who isn't worth this fight.

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I agree i think i would stay clear of all of them and just go about your business like normal okay. Animals are certainly more loving you got that right. He may have been drinking or on another substance who knows but just give him cold shoulder for a while he does not deserve your time of day hugs
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