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  1. vbuk

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    you fucking selfish bastard. why the fuck do i worry about such a nob. you had me scared to fucking death and where are you? the fucking pub! How dare you! you ignore my text begging you to go to the hospital. too busy playing fucking darts!

    4 fits in 3 days! one right infront of me. you send me a text saying 'now 4'. i dont know how u are. i send you texts begging you to go see a doc but u didnt fucking reply. what choice did i have. i HAD to call him and if you tell me off for it you will find yourself even more short staffed tomorrow. ill just walk out. your poor gf is at home beside herself. angry at you but you dont give a fucking shit. do you? you heartless bastard. you have made me so fucking angry i dont know how to control it. i wish you weren't coming to work tomorrow. i wish i could just run the place without you. if you have a fit tomorrow im ringing an ambulance. i dont care what you say. i am NOT dealing with you anymore. i hope darts was worth all the hurt and anger you have caused. you selfish piece of shit.
  2. *dilligaf*

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    :hug: :hug:

    hope that helped :smile:
  3. vbuk

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    i fucking cried for him
  4. lost_soul

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    :hug: im sorry your boss is the way he is-selfish like that. you know u can always vent on me, and im sure there are other ppl here that u can use to vent and the forum helps too. im so soeey that you've been worried and hes been out playing and not even caring about letting you know hes alright
  5. vbuk

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    it isnt my boss - my boss is amazing. its my assistant manager
  6. ~CazzaAngel~

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    I'm so sorry he put you through that hun. You deserve much better than to have your mind played with, that's cruel and selfish. I hope you feel a bit better after letting this all out. If you need to talk, feel free to message me anytime. Take care hun. :hug:
  7. Acy

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    Wow, that's hard. :hug: Easy to see how upsetting it was.

    I really wonder how some people can be so thoughtless and/or clued out. I hope you're feeling better - and for your sake (and his), I hope your assistant manager is all right.
  8. vbuk

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    just got up - ready to go to work. im actually really scared to. im scared of what he will say. if you dont understand what happened from my screaming...my assistant manager has had 4 epileptic fits in 3 days. thats bad for someone who hasnt had one in a year. he hasnt been well lately. he sends me a text last night saying he had his forth one. i dont know what to do. i told him to go to docs and then sent him another message saying how im scared. but he never replies. not knowing what to do i call my manager who is out of town atm. he calmed be down and then called ma assistant manager, who wasnt home. his gfreally angry and worried about him. while everyone worries he is down the pub playing darts. he told my boss that i shouldnt have told him. so today i think he is going to be mad at me for doing it. im not as angry anymore - just really upset. i cant handle being told off - not today. if he starts on me im just gonna walk out. i dont care right now.

    i dont know what to do - will have to play it by ear. im sorry for swearing so much
  9. ~CazzaAngel~

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    I hope it goes ok hun. :hug: :hug: :hug:
  10. vbuk

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    just had a strange day - was really scared what ma assistant manager would say to me. he was fine all day. until tonight when we were leaving and he just said 'are you over yesterday then?' he didnt seem bothered about what i had to say so i stopped talking.
  11. Daze&Confused

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    I dont know the back story, but he sounds like a dick.
  12. resistance

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    I understand you're upset hun. Maybe he is too scared to go to the doctors or perhaps he really thinks you're all worrying over nothing (which, for the record, you are not). I'm not sure what to advise. Part of me thinks, at the end of the day, ultimately it's down to him if he goes to doctors or hospital and being mad etc may only end up with him pushing you guys away. The other part of me thinks you should stay persistent and hopefully he will recognise that this is indeed something that should be checked out. All he needs is one huge epileptic fit (or a series in one go), and he's in real trouble. Best to get these things pinned and sorted, by getting them checked out.

    You know this guy a lot better than me, but I hope this does get sorted in the very near future. :hug:
  13. vbuk

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    thanks hun, this guy is pretty much a horrible man. cares about nobody but himself. very very selfish. he he sexist, racist and homophobic. he is a bully. he has driven people away from that shop a few times now. we get on ok. i dont like the way he is but as he says - we got to put up with it.

    he never goes to docs about anything. comes to work when he is ill all the time. plays for the sympathy.

    i feel sorry for him. he shouldnt have to deal with these fits - nobody should. it just hurts so much that he doesnt care that people get upset over it. he made me so angry with all this and today he didnt care less. just go on with things. and when my boss calls to ask how he is im made to look stupid for being so worried.
  14. starlight2006

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    I dont want to cause an argument and i dont mean this in a bad way, but read ur last post and relate it to yourself and going to docs. Think about how ur hurt and worried for him and think of ur sister x