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  1. starryeyed

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    My brother just called me a fat lump of shit.
    Then tried to hit me and said hed beat me to mothers answer to this is that im a piece of shit and deserve supposed to be going on holidays
    The company went bust.then I paid for a car park and got the car serviced.the car broke I have no car and no way home from the car park.
    I ordered lenses which were promised to arrive.
    They didnt come.ive never had this happen before.i have nobody helping me.i have no suppirt
    Nobody cares what im going finding it very this stage they are makingit so I will kill myself.i dont feel able to go on holidayd
  2. total eclipse

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    i am sorry your family treats you so poorly hun Ihope you can go on holiday away from them to spend time on your own in peace. hugs
  3. Speedy

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    :hug: Hey, I know you're having a tough time. Wish you could report your brother or something to get the message across to him that he can't treat you like that... Well.. Just letting you know I'm here reading what you write, like I always do.

    P.S. Can you call the company about the lenses that haven't arrived yet?