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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Terry Silver, Jun 9, 2013.

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  1. Terry Silver

    Terry Silver New Member

    I don't think I'm depressed as much as being resigned to the fact I'm really bored of everything in life and can't be bothered anymore.

    In contrast to those who feel at the end of their tether about things, be that about love, money, job etc I'm really fortunate. Even in the last year I've done more things than most people will in 10 lifetimes, travelled the world numerous times, experienced once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and made a success of the biggest thing I have ever set out to achieve. But now what? I've done that, I'm over it all. I have the life that every single person I know would swap theirs for, yet I just want to put a stop to the ride.

    The thought of living for another 50 years doesn't fill me with any enthusiasm, instead I look about and think 'I can't be fucked doing all this for that long'. - That's not to say the people around me are shit, quite the opposite. It's just the effort involved to stay interested drains me.

    I feel like I've done everything I'd ever want to achieve already, why drag it out much longer?
  2. JmpMster

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    Boredom and lack of inspiration can certainly cause one to question meaning and existence. Whether it comes from no longer being able to do, having done all you originally set out to do, or simply not able to generate a new motivation or interest the end result is the same feeling of "why bother?"

    With those who have had difficulty attaining the success they wanted it is rooted in belief they will fail again often. For those that have enjoyed great success it is rooted in fear of failing and tired of the constant juggling to keep the success continued to the point that there is no pleasure or joy at it, simply work to continue in the face of many telling them they have no reason to complain about anything.

    Perhaps if you stop looking inward for something to inspire you and look out - take up a cause that you know you cannot win (world peace, hunger, the environment - examples, not suggestions) but thta you can make a difference on in some levels and to some people. The nature of it takes the "need to win" out of it as it is not possible but the ability to make a difference is certainly there.
  3. AscendingTri

    AscendingTri Member

    First of all, stop comparing yourself to other people. Most of you talk about is material things. Not all people chase them. Someone are just ready to exchange all the things they have for one dream.
    What was your dream when you was a child? Did you achieve it?
    You say you are successful. Is that success you wanted or your parents/relatives wanted?
    If you are bored, have you tried new things like doing sports? Adopting a pet? Learning a new language, so that you could speak with other people in their native language?
    Try to change your day schedule right from the morning. Do jogging, listen to music, go outside the city to meet the sunset :)
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