really confused (girl problems)

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by WriteEnough, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. WriteEnough

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    ive been in a few relationships, had my share of being dumped. but an old girlfriend, keeps coming back into my mind. she left me about a year ago, and i always think of her, i tried getting back with her, but kept somewhat of a distance. i didn't want to seem like a stalker, but she always said no. after months i wanted to talk, and she told me to never talk to her. deleting me from myspace and blocking all the pc communication stuff.

    months later, she adds me back on her myspace and crap and askes how i am. i reply to her emails, and she says to leave her alone for good. so whenever i try talking to her, she always tells me to leave her alone. but she randomly sends emails and myspace things to me, and askes how i am and if i have a new gf. i miss her alot, but still this is confusing. i don't have the nerve to call her, and an even bigger nerve to even send her a birthday card on her birthday.

    and i tried moving on, but girls turn me down left and right. sigh, i just don't get it. :dry:
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    not all girls are like her sweet

    Im a shy sensitive girl whos had her feelings hurt so I know how your feeling, When I came out to my friend she called me some horrible names and spread rumours about me.

    She says she is sorry but I cant trust her again.

    You have to ask yoursefl if you can trust this girl again,

    As far as being turned down goes, I think it maybe how you are feeling about yourself and girls prefer ther partners to be happy:smile:
  3. Beattles

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    for once, just tell her to fuck off and leave you alone. see how she responds to that. it couldnt be any worse than whats happening now, and at least youll have let off a little steam and tried something new
  4. Carcinogen

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    I agree with Mygeeto.
    It sounds like she's enjoying the attention she gets when you message her, and knowing your life is not so good, hence why she contacts you. I think that a lot of this is about her getting the attention and control she wants, and feeling like you need her while she can turn you down. Tell her to fuck off, as publicly as possible, so that she is shown for the c**t she is. If not, just get her out of your life, she's undoubtedly damaging to you.
  5. WriteEnough

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    thanks for the comment guys, i'll take it all into consideration.
  6. Panther

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    forget her and move on, she's not worth the bother.
    Easier said than done I know.