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    The NHS strikes again :/ I ran out of quetiapine last night and because it has helped a little I was wondering if the GP could increase the dose, if not just print my script off there and then so I could get my pills. As I suspected the GP wasn't keen on doing anything to dose, which is fine I didn't think she could anyway. But then I tell her I had run out of quetiapine so she goes to print off a script and guess what, it's not on my prescriptions. The sertraline was still on the prescriptions but no quetiapine. GP checked the letters and there was no letter from psych so I am sticking to my guns and telling her I saw the psych recently on 5th January as the only letter from psychs was from November. She rings up psych's secretary who says for some reason the fax hadn't been sent and gave GP details of my meds, but she wouldn't prescribe them and she said she would do the script when she had received the fax after surgery. Still waiting for the phone call and it's 3pm.

    I am fed up with the constant fuckups. Lack of a fax last time meant I was prescribed the wrong dose of sertraline. Prior to that I didn't even get the script for sertraline my CPN was supposed to have dropped off and the fact they have witheld potential diagnosis details away from me. I am done with trying with them they can't even be fucking bothered to help.
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    this kind of stupidity isn't limited to the UK

    was seeing a specialist for several months a year or so ago who kept trying to prescribe medication that he had been told i was allergic to