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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by MorganaNever, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. MorganaNever

    MorganaNever Well-Known Member

    Im going insane, please I can only have an hour alone now and I need to talk to someone, I need clarity, I need to know if I am insane or not.

    I need to get out of this relationship and its impossible, and I don't know how to deal with it. I am completely lost.
  2. dice

    dice Well-Known Member

    Tell us what's going on. If you feel you urgently need someone to talk to call one of the crisis hotlines or go into the chat room here.
  3. MoAnamCara

    MoAnamCara SF Artist

    It is not impossible to get out of this relationship. With this hour that you have, google shelters where you can firstly call and ask their advice, see then if you can get to one. Call a friend/family member/anyone not related to him and get them to either give you somewhere to stay or bring you to the shelter.

    You are not insane. What you described in your other thread is abuse. No if's, and's or but's.

    You can and will get through this, taking this first step is the hardest part, I promise you.
  4. MorganaNever

    MorganaNever Well-Known Member

    My family is on another continent. I avoid alarming them cause they do get worried and freak out and would want me to leave ASAP. His family thinks things could be better if he gets therapy which is sth I should make him do somehow.

    I love this person, because he actually is a victim even if he is the one hurting himself. I feel Im doing terrible things just by walking out. I don't know how to leave thats the problem. The courage and decisiveness and determination that surpasses a moment is not something I have cause I am really depressed. I mean, in the real way where I have very little ability to act and go trough anything.

    I wish I could just get into a hospital but Im not even a citizen of this country and I want to be back at least. I wish I could just arrange to travel quickly and check in a hospital and not talk to him directly but I have no idea how.

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    He texts me all this terrible stuff he believes I did to him (he just does and nothing i say will matter) and I fight the urge to get caught into disproving points and get caught in the web. Yes it hurts that osmeone who knows me and who was more and more the only person I had true interactions with for almost 3 years seems to genuinely believe so much terrible things about me and what I did to him etc.. Whats the point of all this???

    He makes me feel like a monster even for the things I never even did just cause it seems he truly believes differently and nothing i say matters.

    He just finds a way to make it seem ... I dont know. Everything is so twisted. ITs all so wrong.
  5. AstroAshton92

    AstroAshton92 Active Member

    I think it would be best to consider the emotional gravity of this issue. When you think of nurturing your significant other, are you thinking of yourself as well? I had one therapist out of the 4 I've seen tell me that it's like a Bank system; you have people withdrawing from you but how much are they depositing? I guess I'm just saying he may make you feel that way, but some of it might be out of emotional context. If you want to work things out, try to make him understand how you feel. If not, then take some time out for yourself to decide what you feel in your heart and what you feel is best for you.
  6. BornAgain

    BornAgain Well-Known Member

    Morgana, you ARE not doing anything wrong to him, he IS abusing you and making you feel guilty about it (my ex-wife used to do that to me all the time), it gets to the point that you question yourself that maybe you are the wrong one, well, let me tell you that you ARE NOT...

    Please listen to the song "Love the way you lie" by rihana and eminem, you'll see how familiar it is and will get an answer of what you need to do.... Run, run and never go back, it will never change for the best but will only get worst, but luckily you can get help to stop him from herrasing you after you leave that hell he has you living in (I don't have that luxury as there is no help for men), take care of yourself and love yourself, look for God, he will give you hope and teach you all the right things that you didn't get all this time.

    God bless you and Merry Christmas!
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