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Really struggling again


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At 30 years old about to turn 31 I've simply have had enough. My best days are behind me and there's really nothing left to hope for.
No friends, no girlfriend, only family left is my mother and sister, no career or job prospects and being stuck in a job I don't like, alcohol abuse, no passion for anything. A guy like me can't hope to be happy. And what's the point of existing in a perpetual state of unhappiness?

Riley Z.

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I hope you're able to manage through the day. I know long term goals are hard, but I, for one, am proud of you for making it this far.

My brother is in a similar situation. He's 33, works as a bartender (and hates it) because he couldn't get through college. His only contact is me and our parents (who are pretty bad) and he hasn't had a girlfriend in around 6 years after his heart got broken. To him, he says the same things you do. He can't hope to be happy. But from an external perspective, I find that there's always a way to find a reason to keep pushing forwards. I see how in his bad job he finds connections and people who might offer him another placement in the future. He's starting to find his own path away from our partents' strict expectations of having a "peak" of your life. Girlfriends and houses and cars can come later; you're not at the end of your lifespan. 31 is relatively young, and "best days" of the 20s are usually filled with regrets from youth who push it too far. You're still young, but you're wiser now. Your best days can be coming in the next chapter of your book, filled with the lessons of your past.

I hope that an opportunity comes knocking on your door and that you'll be able to find a spark that ignites your path once more.
Take care


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i'm sorry that you are struggling again but i agree with @Riley Z. that you are still young and can have a positive life ahead of you. i have had to do jobs i hated to support my family but what i did was work at that job until i found one that i liked. try not to be too hard on yourself you have plenty of time to get where you want...mike...*hug*shake

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