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really fighting this week, have a virus which doesnt help, emailed therapist which does and doesnt help, cutting worse than ever just feel am in a major melt down phase atm. therapist says he can keep stuff confidential and off record as long as its not self harm or harm to others..but what if things are linked? so either i dont discuss abuse (which is not the reason i see him) but is major factor for cutting (which he would have to report). how do i get round this. i live on small island and nothing is secret, i just dont want the abuse to get out, and the abuse is causing me to cut more. catch 22, any ideas would be helpful.

thinking of you all :hug:


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Your therapist is professionally obligated to keep what you say confidential and he should be clear about that and not have you worry...please remind him of that so that you can speak freely and get the support you need and deserve...J
I think you need to speak about the abuse, as a therapist he is obligated to keep it confidential. If it's causing you to cut then you need to get it sorted....

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Only way to heal is to speak to someone okay holding it inside will only tear you up more hun. Good are posting here letting out t he pain some. You need to be open with your therapist okay all will be kept confidential hugs
I'm sorry to read this, you've been having such a hard time of it lately.

I don't understand why your therapist would have to report your self harm? If you haven't threatened to kill anyone or indicated you have a plan for yourself with specifics they must keep your info confidential.

I really believe you need to share the abuse, its been rearing its ugly head on you for a while and even sharing the fact that it happened will lift some weight off of you. Just to get it out there. You don't need to deal with specifics or rush yourself. You can do all of that later when you get through this patch.

For your therapist to help and understand, just share the minimum, state you were abused and leave it at that.

I'm so sorry. Please do your best to look after yourself, I know you are trying so hard right now.


edit to add that I couldn't verbalize what I wanted to say. I didn't want to say it either way but I knew I should. So I typed out a couple of lines with the minimum and handed it over. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, I never told a soul my whole life. And you know with whats going on now I just can't deal with anything else, so its been put on the back burner which is good. I also did the same for adult abuse stuff. I can't go there either but sometimes these things rear up, so now so I can mention that "this" and "this" were on my mind or triggered etc. Its hard, I understand.
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