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  1. LucuLou82

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    I am really struggling wiht things at th emoment, i have suffered from depression for the last ten years and I am only 31. I feel like an absolute failure. I am on medication whihc helps with te anxiety but the suicidal thoughts are really upsetting me. I am on the waiting list for CBT and frightened to ask for help as it may have implications to my career. I cant cope anymore. I have tried to deal wth things but my dad adn step mum dont understand and barely acknowledge me, they are too focused on my perfect 16 year old half brother. I love him so much but i feel that if i say anything, they think i;m either jealous or attneiotn seeking. really cant cope.

    I need help but if i contact a mental health team, work will find out. i am a social worker. I'm really desperate and cant cope. I couldnt go through with ending my own life but i have gone as far as looking at methods and thinking about where. it frightens me.
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    Hi hun even social workers needs support okay in the field where one cares for so many one needs to take care of themselves so you will have that strength hun No one will judge you they will get you the help you need to stay strong Open up to someone you trust okay or talk to your doctor and make sure he or she keeps everything confidential go outside your area if you concern and talk to a private psychologist I do hope you get some help hun many medical professions need like i said that extra support to keep us strong hugs
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    I can sort of relate to you. I too am a decade-long sufferer of depression & am in my early thirties. Unlike you, however, I've never really had a professional career, so congratulations to you, you're already doing better than me! :) I know that it must be extremely trying to get help when you work within the health-care industry, and I bet that many a people are in your same shoes. I unfortunately don't know the best way around this matter, but surely there must be a solution, because nobody, doctor's & nurses included, are immune to mental health issues. I know that it is only natural and human nature to directly compare yourself to your half-brother, but this seems to me only okay, to be something of a losing proposition. You almost set yourself up for failure or disappointment given that you'd likely give him higher praise than he deserves, and yet undervalue your own good worth. But don't listen to me--I don't know anything!

    Take care of yourself!
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