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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Theone, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. Theone

    Theone Well-Known Member

    I'm really confused, really confused.... Why can't it be acceptable to kill ones self or to get/ achieve release from pain or unhappiness??? Alcohol and tabacco kill people but they are still able to engage with it? I feel I have written this on here a hundred million times but it's not like I can talk to a friend about it... Fucking he'll I'm so fed up
  2. TrentGrad

    TrentGrad Well-Known Member

    You're talking about different things here.

    Not everyone who uses alcohol abuses it. Not everyone who smokes will die of diseases related to smoking. In short, not everyone who engages in these habits are doing so to kill themselves.

    Ultimately suicide is considered akin to murder: it is when you murder yourself. Is there any way anyone would sanction murder? No, of course not.

    What makes suicide different is because people can understand euthanasia when it relates to people who are suffering in pain from a terminal illness. So, the real question is: what makes mental health issues exempt from this level of understanding.

    In earnest, I can sympathize with people who take their life because of a debilitating mental health condition...however it is conditional on if they have exhausted all avenues of treatment because most of these mental health conditions do have treatment options that have had success.

    No one thinks treatment will resolve their condition at the beginning...however if everyone commits to exhausting all avenues before taking this step, I think that the stigma surrounding the act would be lessened, and perhaps it would be looked at more as euthanasia, and less as suicide.
  3. Marty482

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    There are better ways to get happiness. I just said aprayer for you and hope you do too. And also you might help others get happiness too. You underestimate how important you are. You've seen the bad side of life now you need to see the good side. Try EVERYTHING, Reach out to EVERYONE. Make your best effort if you haven't.Give it everything you've got.That will bring a miricle in your life. I PROMISE . TRY IT PLease. I send all my hope and love to you....

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