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    Look, for starters, I know we are all here(hopefully) because we feel ousted by the world that we live in. I don't think that I'm being too forward when i say, we all are aware that we should see a doctor for ailments or illness's affecting us but we are too stubborn or scared to do so, or maybe we would rather have a chat with our peers because thats all we really want. Every time someone has told me you need to see a doctor it has pissed me off to the point of no return, this statement makes me want to commit more to doing it than any other thing. I'm not sure about anyone else but being apologetic and shit like that just pisses me off. Maybe I am a different kind of suicidal freak than most of you, but I feel like there are more people on here like me that just are afraid to voice there opinions. I'm tired of clicking on new posts and seeing a thread and clicking on it and the first part of it is have you spoken to a doctor or something along those lines. I dont want that, i know that, Im not sure what other peoples feelings are on the subject. I mean unless all of you people just want sympathy, and to be pitied. My posts are sometimes harsh and realistic and as i have progressed since my last attempts, i have realized that everyone wants sympathy and pity. Don't get me wrong I will abuse anothers pity if i have to, it is a weakness. And in real life don't start getting sympathetic as I tell you my story and want to help me, because it wasnt a cry for help, it was a story. But if you do I will abuse your sympathy and i will not feel bad about it. If someone offers to help, call there bluff and put there ass's to work. Now with that being said, Im pretty sure as we are all suicidal or have been in previous lifes, that we our completely apathetic towards other peoples stories. Sure you can write words that mean something other than you say and try to make it who you are, but your only kidding you. I would say that most of us our outcasts, and some of us have lived our lives to the fullest(whatever that means), but could you speak the words you say to someone, face to face and be rejected and not want to harm yourself. I dont know but when i tell someone to go see a doctor its because of a cough or rash, because by telling someone they need to see a doctor because of there mental health is spitting in there face. You are telling them that through there dispositions that they are broken, when they are not, they were born that way. I mean just because the clock is ticking. doesnt mean that time is moving forward. Sometimes we are right where we need to be until we can proceed onto the future.
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    Along the lines of reality and cold hard truths is the simple fact that when people get into a severely depressive, self destructive, delusional, or hopeless state is the absolute fact they very often are not able to make good decisions for themselves. When people are no t willing or not able to make good decisions for themselves then referring them to somebody to ensure they are safe until they regain that ability is th ebest option. Suggesting to people they are better off remaining in abusive situations, refusing treatment, or deciding for themselves what is best when they have stated th eonly thing they have decided is that killing themselves is the option is both counterproductive and not in keeping with the idea behind a pro-life site with a basic ethos of do no harm, promote no harm. Some people do in fact want support and compassion as that is what is missing from their real life and they come here for that. Some want answers, some want coping methods. If you are apathetic toward the plight of others then you should not be giving advice to others... It is voluntary whether you choose to offer advice or support or not. If you post , it is presumed you want responses - if you do not want responses then the place to post would be the private diary section. Telling somebody to seek medical attention for a mental issue is no different than for a physical issue - it is in no way spitting in there face - it is that attitude that keeps mental health issues in th edark ages and subject to scorn and shame.
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    I second exactly what has just been stated by NYJmpMaster could not have said it better myself. If you are not apathetic to the plight of others then don't say anything.
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    I echo what the others have said, so I won't go into that. But I wanted to point out something else that you said. You claim that people with depression or suicidal thoughts are born that way, and I don't believe that's true at all. Many are depressed because of the situations they're in, their environment, the people around them... there are so many factors that can impact why a person feels the way they do. There are also just as many reasons why someone posts here... some want advice, others want to have the chance to be listened to and truly heard, and still others are just venting. All we can do is read the posts, gauge the situation, and try to post the best reply possible.
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    I know from personal experience, like most everyone here, how difficult it is to talk with G.Ps (general practitioners or your family doctor) because of the face-to-face meetings that you have to go through talking with complete strangers about your most intimate secrets and family back ground, But the bast thing about SF is that everyone who us a member there is completely anonymous and, and that is like a feel of a safe have for everyone, because you can get off your chest all of your problems and never fear discrimination or feel like like anything you post will be judged. In a lot of ways, Sf is great for that, but I alologise if I over step my mark here, but SF is really just a website (dedicated to going great deads for everyone, but in the end, it does not take the place of a qualified professional.
    I am not saying that you should seek out professional help, all i am saying that wen you are on SF, please do not forget that the site can solve all of our problems and that you can solve ll of your problems. You do not have to see a specialist about it, but please,, if thins gets worse, please visit your G.P. (General practicioner - aka family doctor).
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    I have to agree with you, little bell nut. It s not that people are born with mental illnesses, but rather how they are raised, from violent families and alcoholic families or disfuncdtional families when one or both both parents full time and have not even time to send with their with own children, ht they have to hire nannies to take over the role because of their parents always away at work with their schedules, that they do not have time to spend quality time with their own children, which can lad to depression and rebellious nature, because they do not have they do have the proper family environment in which is most important to a child's development. parents work schedule, which can often lead to drib abuse and crime .
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    As others have said, things are more complicated than you have said. There are some people who DO come here for help, some come here to talk about things because simply talking can help them deal with it, others just want to feel that others feel as they do and still others just want to find a way to end things. Some people have been born with mental or physical problems - chemical imbalances etc - others have had experiences which cause their suffering and so on. The variety is almost endless.

    Since this is a PRO-LIFE site and not a pro-choice place, those responding to posts are obligated to advocate life over death - to give whatever understanding and support we can (which will vary from post to post, person to person). At no point are we allowed to help those that have given up or, for whatever reason, have very little to look forward to to end their days. As someone that is, personally, pro-choice, I can find this a little limiting but it is the rule of the site and to be here we must abide by it or leave.

    Oh and some of the people here HAVE gone to the doctor. Not me, but some have.

    I hope that helps.
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    I respect everyones responses and I am aware that you guys are only trying to help. I do wish for feedback that is why I do not write my rants in a private diary. I am also trying to help, but along other lines that you all are. I do not wish anyone to harm themselves or not seek treatment, I merely don't want them to be burdend by things they are told ona constant basis. I will also state that opinions are like assholes, and everyone has one of them. I have my opinions on every subject, and I will argue to the end, until I am found to be incorrect or correct. I want to help those people and be helped by those people that are like me, that is why I am here. I wrote this post so that way it can be cross examined by all parties involved in this site, obviously there are not to many people like me though, or people would have spoken up. I guess if you dont say anything good, the people wont listen, or your just trying to talk to the wrong audience.