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  1. amicrazy

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    what's with all the false accusations? and where were you last year when it would have been true and i could have used your help.
  2. gentlelady

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    What is going on amicrazy?
  3. amicrazy

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    my mother came into my room accusing me of doing bad drugs last night because "it smelled." i had just smoked, but not that! last summer i had a bit of a drug problem, but she either didn't notice, pretended not to notice, or attributed it to another drug she knew was doing (that she would do with me). i think i was looking for her to catch me, i needed help. but i got over it. but really, how could she accuse me of doing this now. last summer, i looked like a drug addict. now i've gained weight, and look like my old normal self.