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    During my T appointment, she asked me to list the reasons I have for living. At first, I could not come up with anything. This got me depressed. After a while, I could say hope for a better day and not wanting to hurt anyone. I still realize though I have very little to live for. Nothing really interests me and I have barely enough to get out bed. I did not know I was this depressed.
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    I also struggle with having a sufficient reason to live. When discussing this with a friend recently, she drew my attention to the way my death (and absence) would impact her, and it made me realise that each of us have a effect on other people in our lives. So often I have said to myself that my life doesn't matter, and that nothing I do makes any difference, when truth be told, there have been many occasions when I have been able to be there for someone or help make a situation better by just being there. It makes me think of the scenario painted in that film It's A Wonderful Life of how the world would be if George Bailey had never been born. Obviously, I don't think I make that big an impact but I know that my family, friends and co-workers would be devastated if I killed myself, and their lives could be altered, and that knowledge makes me hold back. And as crazy as this sounds, my pet cat also makes me hold back from suicide, because I know he couldn't be rehoused and would have to be put down in the event of my death. While I feel I have a right to end my life, my cat shouldn't have to suffer because I cannot cope. I don't know if what I'm saying is making any sense, but I wonder if living for others is reason enough to live, in the absence of being able to do so for yourself? It is the main reason I am typing this reply right now, and so far, it has helped me.